Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Street Chic Files: The Hats Of MBFW SS2014 New York Street Chic.

 One of my most favorite things during Fashion Weeks to see photo reports of so-called  street chic files. As Fashion Week moves to Paris today, it is always fun to look back at what was happening around Lincoln Center in the beginning of September, when New York Fashion Week was in full swing. I have to say, this fashion season's hats surprised with its range and diversity in styles. There were few "WOW" moments for me, I am sure you will be able to spot those on your own when looking through the images below (or the one above I thought so brave and cool!). I have an extremely busy day in front of me so I will make it really short today: enjoy your whatever day of the week you think it is (because I was absolutely certain just half an hour ago that today is Friday and almost boarded the train to New York for several meetings) and I hope you enjoy the selection of images from New York Street Chic files courtesy of WWD, Vogue.com, Vogue UK, and Style.com .


VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,dearest Anya!

Yes,you are so right about so much different style on the street....
I have one question: Anya,dear!:)* Where you can find the time to be one of the fantstisch blog writer...?!

I have enjoy your post,I can almost ''feel'' the street in NY throught all these images.

Thankyou for share,dear friend!
Wishing you successful week ahead,

Much Love,

La Petite Gallery said...

WOW! what a treat.
I love the plaid baseball hat, my favorite is the girl in black sweater w/ red/green trim. That hat is wonderful.

VM Creation Atelier said...

Здравствуйте,милая дорогая Аня!

Не могу передать словами как дорого было мне Ваше послание в блог пост.......................!!!:)*
Спасибо огромное из глубины души и от самого чистого сердца за Ваши прекрасные слова,тронувшие меня до глубины души!
Улыбка на лице засветилась когда я прочла Вашу весточку:)))*

Я так счастлива за вас,Анечка,Вы безумный,прекрасный талант не только в своем деле и творчестве,но и как необыкновенный человек!

Я действительно ушла из "Файсбук",мне как-то не хватает времени на него,да и если честно сказать,в творчестве и в бизнесе он тоже не подмога....

Обнимаю Вас мысленно и благодарю Всевышнего за то,что смогла познакомиться с Вами и с Вашим нескончаемо чудесным творчеством,Аня!!!

Vsegda iskrenne Vasha,