Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Guests Of Anya Caliendo MBFW SS 2014 Presentation "Confessions" At Lincoln Center.

Today I am sharing with you the images of the guests who attended  my Presentation at Lincoln Center. Being a complete newbie to presenting at Lincoln Center and despite the best efforts of my extremely experienced PR team to describe the order of the events, I still had a very vague idea as to what to expect once all the backstage photo shoots, preparations and interviews are finished and the doors to the actual presentation have to be opened. Just before the show I took 5 minutes to myself to regain sanity and composure: I am not good with being on camera and absolutely hate to be photographed.
10 minutes before the show accredited photographers from all over the world from various fashion publications were given an access to photograph presentation. It was amazing to hear Italian, French, Russian, Greek, English, Japanies languages filling up the presentation pavilion.
With in the next 10 minutes the door to The Box have been open and I found myself right in the middle of what seemed like a sea of people flooding the entire room. Overwhelming experience to realize that all of this people came to see what I had to say and what I had to show.
I am grateful to every one who attended the presentation, especially so to well familiar faces of my wonderful friends, students, clients who travelled from all over the globe for this special day and whose support remains invaluable to me. I am also grateful to the editors, stylists, press who have been patient with me during the interviews and personal introductions. It was wonderful to see many of my colleagues who came to share this day with me, as well as certain interns of certain colleagues (apparently my PR knows everything!). I loved meeting all of you!!! Pictures speak louder than words, so without farther ado, below you will find a photo report from my presentation photographed by my trusted photographer and friend Ed Hafizov. Check in back on Friday to see the upcoming post about our backstage model fitting and atmosphere of the day. :-)


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VM Creation Atelier said...

SO,SO happy for you,dearest Anya!!!
When I look at these photos....overwhelmed by people, emotions and new experience,I think:
This beautiful boat is sailing in a very big ocean:)*
I wish you a safe journey, and very beautiful discoveries,Anechka!!!

Look forward to your new posts,my dear friend!

Much Love,