Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween To Everyone With A Little Surprise From "Shocking" ! :-)

"Shocking" hat created by Anya Caliendo, Photographed by Ed Hafizov.
 It is the end of October and that means it is almost Halloween time. This year the end of October happens to be very special as we celebrate a year since devastating effects of Sandy changed our lives... I say "celebrate" because the entire year after Sandy was filled with recovery, rebuilding, reconstructing our lives and I think we have made it! Seeing new homes rising all around us, seeing our own home rising out of destruction an despair makes me feel hopeful and grateful. Mainly because the tremendous loss of material possessions brought out to light much more valuable realizations. And so, as the weather promises to be warm and sunny on Halloween here in New York, I am wishing all of you fun and happy Halloween! Hope your really get to go out there, dress up and party. :-) I am also happy to announce the winner of our Furla Candy Bag Giveaway - congratulations to Miss Isabella Betina. Please, e-mail us to info@anyacaliendo.com with your shipping address. :-)
 I have been asked once and again to show the back of the "Shocking" hat - the hat I created in tribute to Elsa Schiaparelli . Well, here it is - as beautiful as the front of the hat, the back is actually embellished with Italian lace applique and Swarovski crystals. It was such a fun hat to work on all the way from first sketches to the "Shocking" photo shoot. We had so much fun on the set! Very grateful for my remarkably talented team. Thank you for the fantastic experience! Wishing everyone Happy Halloween and leaving you with few detailed, alternative view images of the "Shocking" hat.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's GIVEAWAY !!! Furla Candy Bag. :-)

 Well, guess what, with million things in progress and  ever demanding schedule it is easy to forget another million things you sort of  planned on doing but never actually got to. Let's make it one less on the list with the fabulous Giveaway I planned on running for some time now. :-)  I have been in love with delicious Furla Candy bags for several years now. I think they are irreplaceable in the Summer, perfect in the Fall and always make me smile in the Spring. It is hard not to smile when you look at spectacular array of colors! I ended up with having four of this bags in different colors to match every single happy mood and looking at another color to purchase very soon. :-) Since I love sharing things that inspire me and have been doing so since the creation of my Blog , I decided to share with you an ultimate Candy. And, so, the lucky winner will get absolutely new Furla Candy bag in.....well, let's make the color a big surprise! :-) Pop in here or on our Official Facebook Page, say hello and win! The lucky winner will be announced next Tuesday. :-) I also wanted to say huge Thank you to those of you who e-mailed me with congratulations on my MBFW show. You, guys, are phenomenal and your support is always greatly appreciated! I promise to respond to every single e-mail, just need a bit of time since the volume of e-mails is something I did not anticipate nor was prepared to handle. :-) Wishing everyone wonderful week ahead!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Channeling Twiggy" Hat Of "Confessions" SS2014 Collection. Neon Plexiglass Dreams.

"Channeling Twiggy" neon plexiglass number by Anya Caliendo Couture Millinery Atelier SS2014.
With the next Collection almost finalized in preliminary drawings,I am starting to share with you the stories of the hats of the "Confessions" Collection for SS2014. I often get asked which hat is my favorite and  I always respond by saying - every hat I work on is my favorite hat. :-) I don't create hats I am not absolutely in love with. The hat you see on the image above is the hat I named "Channeling Twiggy". It is always an enormous pleasure to work on any hat, but especially so when you have an idea of pushing an envelope by utilizing untraditional for millinery material - plexiglass. Don't let traditional round shape of the brim fool you  because,as I discovered,it presented as many challenges as landing on the Moon would.
 You can have gazillions of brilliant ideas but it all comes down to execution of the design. Doesn't get any more mechanical and technical than this. Without going into many details let me just say that the process of creation of this hat involved sanding, polishing, glass dust, drilling and cutting with a high temperature knife. Did not stop me from falling in love with neon pink plexiglass. I love the combo of traditional felt vs. Avant-garde plexiglass, modern, strong and very feminine. I have received  a lot of requests for this hat after my Presentation. While many came for the same design in the same color combo, some requested alternative resolution of "Channeling Twiggy". As soon as my October session will be over I will be playing with white/neon green, black/ruby red and yellow/orange combinations! So excited about that! Leaving you with the images of "Channeling Twiggy", photographed by Ed Hafizov for Anya Caliendo official SS2014 lookbook.  Wishing everyone fantastic week ahead! :-)
Corset for the photo shoot is courtesy of amazing Jane Woolrich Design.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Anya Caliendo Couture Millinery Atelier MBFW SS2014, Lincoln Center Press, Part 1.

It is hard for me to believe that it has been almost a month since my Presentation at Lincoln Center. As I discovered along the way, one of the most anticipated and exciting moments of post production time is waiting for the  Press and reviews. It is nerve-racking really. In the months leading to the Presentation everything was wrapped around the Presentation itself and making sure everyone knows what to do and everything goes smoothly. Not that I did not think about the Press at all. Of course, I did but I tried to estrange myself from the thought of upcoming, inevitable critique good or bad. With in weeks leading to presentation the requests from various publications/news channels, stylists offices flooded my e-mail and e-mails of my PR representatives. I simply made a decision not to worry about Press and deal with the press outcome of the show after the actual show. Professional press in the business of Fashion is a serious force that can lift you up or leave you in pieces. It is one thing when you and your team believe in your Collection and it is entirely different thing how fashion reporters and critics view it. And so, a month later I find myself  excited and grateful to receive an amazing Press and reviews from all over the world. With several more articles in the making and press requests still coming in, I decided to document what I have on hands right now. Very grateful to Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, WWD for making my name #1 on the list of highlights from New York Fashion Week Presentations, Cosmo Greece , Lucky Magazine, GQ Italia, Athens Magazine, Daily News, San-Francisco Chronicle, Pittsburg Post, The Manhattan Village Voice, The Manhattan Fashion Magazine, Hamptons Magazine, The Hatalk Magazine, Fashion360Magazine, NewYorkFashionWeekLive.com, Russian Chicago Magazine, CNN.com ( the site ran two separate features on my presentation), MBFW Official page and Instagram and all other publications for seeing the beauty in my hats and giving fantastic write ups to my brand, my new Collection and Presentation. Below you will see screen shots of all latest publications. I will post the second part of our Press material very shortly. :-) Wishing everyone beautiful week ahead. :-)


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Anya Caliendo "Confessions" Presentation MBFW SS 2014, Lincoln Center: Atmosphere and Models.

With the Fashion Week in Paris is finally over, I have a great difficulty putting together a complete round up of hats presented for SS2014 Season - there were so many great hats ranging from pure statement pieces to what can only be described as the very essence of Fashion - pieces that transform reality into fantasy. Today, I decided to share with you additional images photographed back stage right before my Presentation at Lincoln Center. I was lucky to have a group of phenomenal, professional models who were as excited about the show as I was. Above you see one of my favorite images:my models photographed backstage before the show wearing "The Survival Of The Moust Wanted, Part 1 " hat and  "Miss. Bourjouix".
Models Rozalinda Uhl and Latrishe Reed backstage before the Presentation.
Leonid Gurevich, my friend and my right hand man, backstage fitting our model Rozalinda Uhl to wear "Sino: A Matador's Mistress" hat which became everyone's favorite. :-)
A little prayer, perhaps? Our Beautiful model Latrishe Reed backstage just before the Presentation.
You know that the hats are  great success when the models LOVE wearing them. :-) Here you see our beautiful model Olyona taking a picture of herself wearing "Daydreamer" head piece right before the show.
We had an amazing team of professional dressers who made sure every girl looked her best. Here you see our model being fitted right before my Presentation at Lincoln Center. Marina is wearing super fun and super sparkling head piece "The Survival Of The Moust Wanted, Part 1"
Our amazing make up team sent to us by Bobbi Brown putting final touches to the model's make up. Here you see our beautiful model Sarina getting ready for Presentation and wearing "Interview With Daphne" hat.
A bit my professional history so do speak: Official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Batches for presenting designer. It was such a surreal feeling to see my name. Well, yes, yes, yes, I don't mind bragging - I was the presenting designer. :-)
Leonid Gurevich fitting our center model and the face of my last two collections Anastasia Zubkova into the breathtaking gown he created for "Bitten. The Love Bug" hat. It is actually always incredible to see Leonid at work - he has so much love, passion and understanding of everything. :-)
Girls walking out of THE BOX Pavillion at Lincoln Center where my Presentation was held. :-)
One of my staff:  young, fabulous, determined assistant Kara who is also a very passionate fashion student at Parsons. :-)
Leonid Gurevich and Marina Gurevich are taking out of the bag "The Lovebug" gown. What a moment that was - spectacular sight to behold.
One of my staff: incredible production manager Sarah has managed to hold the hurricane of things, events, interviews and photo shoots backstage in divine order. Still can not figure out how she did it. :-)
I love little touches and details such as this: our model Anastasia is being fitted in legendary Baroque platforms by Miu Miu, collectors item and an art piece.
Our stars of the moment in a line up before the show. Here you see "Loveless" top hat created as a part of "Confessions" Collection.
We actually had to create two versions of the model and hats floor line up: one was done via computer and one by hand for the immediate reference on sight. Here you see Leonid and Sarah looking through the order of things.
Another one of my favorite images: our model Anastasia backstage wearing gown by Leonid Gurevich.
Fresh out of make up chair, our fabulous model Twyla Simone - what a gorgeous face!
Twyla wore a "Vertigo" hat during the presentation, on of my personal favorites. :-)
Leonid Gurevich is fitting our model Twyla backstage before my Presentation at Lincoln Center.
Another beauty I was lucky to have as my model - Ploy . I think this girl is one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. What a remarkable beauty!
Finally, another image of true stars of the evening: the hats. Here you see another snap of line up headed by "Red Caviar" hat. Another hat that people, guests of the show and entire backstage team could not get enough of. All images in this post were done  by Ed Hafizov, my #1 photographer and  my designated "dream catcher". Wishing everyone wonderful day ahead! :-)