Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Anya Caliendo "Confessions" Presentation MBFW SS 2014, Lincoln Center: Atmosphere and Models.

With the Fashion Week in Paris is finally over, I have a great difficulty putting together a complete round up of hats presented for SS2014 Season - there were so many great hats ranging from pure statement pieces to what can only be described as the very essence of Fashion - pieces that transform reality into fantasy. Today, I decided to share with you additional images photographed back stage right before my Presentation at Lincoln Center. I was lucky to have a group of phenomenal, professional models who were as excited about the show as I was. Above you see one of my favorite images:my models photographed backstage before the show wearing "The Survival Of The Moust Wanted, Part 1 " hat and  "Miss. Bourjouix".
Models Rozalinda Uhl and Latrishe Reed backstage before the Presentation.
Leonid Gurevich, my friend and my right hand man, backstage fitting our model Rozalinda Uhl to wear "Sino: A Matador's Mistress" hat which became everyone's favorite. :-)
A little prayer, perhaps? Our Beautiful model Latrishe Reed backstage just before the Presentation.
You know that the hats are  great success when the models LOVE wearing them. :-) Here you see our beautiful model Olyona taking a picture of herself wearing "Daydreamer" head piece right before the show.
We had an amazing team of professional dressers who made sure every girl looked her best. Here you see our model being fitted right before my Presentation at Lincoln Center. Marina is wearing super fun and super sparkling head piece "The Survival Of The Moust Wanted, Part 1"
Our amazing make up team sent to us by Bobbi Brown putting final touches to the model's make up. Here you see our beautiful model Sarina getting ready for Presentation and wearing "Interview With Daphne" hat.
A bit my professional history so do speak: Official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Batches for presenting designer. It was such a surreal feeling to see my name. Well, yes, yes, yes, I don't mind bragging - I was the presenting designer. :-)
Leonid Gurevich fitting our center model and the face of my last two collections Anastasia Zubkova into the breathtaking gown he created for "Bitten. The Love Bug" hat. It is actually always incredible to see Leonid at work - he has so much love, passion and understanding of everything. :-)
Girls walking out of THE BOX Pavillion at Lincoln Center where my Presentation was held. :-)
One of my staff:  young, fabulous, determined assistant Kara who is also a very passionate fashion student at Parsons. :-)
Leonid Gurevich and Marina Gurevich are taking out of the bag "The Lovebug" gown. What a moment that was - spectacular sight to behold.
One of my staff: incredible production manager Sarah has managed to hold the hurricane of things, events, interviews and photo shoots backstage in divine order. Still can not figure out how she did it. :-)
I love little touches and details such as this: our model Anastasia is being fitted in legendary Baroque platforms by Miu Miu, collectors item and an art piece.
Our stars of the moment in a line up before the show. Here you see "Loveless" top hat created as a part of "Confessions" Collection.
We actually had to create two versions of the model and hats floor line up: one was done via computer and one by hand for the immediate reference on sight. Here you see Leonid and Sarah looking through the order of things.
Another one of my favorite images: our model Anastasia backstage wearing gown by Leonid Gurevich.
Fresh out of make up chair, our fabulous model Twyla Simone - what a gorgeous face!
Twyla wore a "Vertigo" hat during the presentation, on of my personal favorites. :-)
Leonid Gurevich is fitting our model Twyla backstage before my Presentation at Lincoln Center.
Another beauty I was lucky to have as my model - Ploy . I think this girl is one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. What a remarkable beauty!
Finally, another image of true stars of the evening: the hats. Here you see another snap of line up headed by "Red Caviar" hat. Another hat that people, guests of the show and entire backstage team could not get enough of. All images in this post were done  by Ed Hafizov, my #1 photographer and  my designated "dream catcher". Wishing everyone wonderful day ahead! :-)

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It's So amazing to see all these beauty!:)))
Just breathless gorgeous models and how fabulously nice is this beautiful red creation of Leon Gurevich....
How fantastic talented peoples working with you!
All there looks so cute,So professional,So fantastic and truly-very emotional:)
I want to see more details from your beautiful designs,look forward for your new posts,dear friend!
Dear Anya,
I am so happy for you and so proud about your brilliant creative achievements!!!
Thank you So much for share your Devine experiences!:)))
Wishing you blissful wonderful week,

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