Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Channeling Twiggy" Hat Of "Confessions" SS2014 Collection. Neon Plexiglass Dreams.

"Channeling Twiggy" neon plexiglass number by Anya Caliendo Couture Millinery Atelier SS2014.
With the next Collection almost finalized in preliminary drawings,I am starting to share with you the stories of the hats of the "Confessions" Collection for SS2014. I often get asked which hat is my favorite and  I always respond by saying - every hat I work on is my favorite hat. :-) I don't create hats I am not absolutely in love with. The hat you see on the image above is the hat I named "Channeling Twiggy". It is always an enormous pleasure to work on any hat, but especially so when you have an idea of pushing an envelope by utilizing untraditional for millinery material - plexiglass. Don't let traditional round shape of the brim fool you  because,as I discovered,it presented as many challenges as landing on the Moon would.
 You can have gazillions of brilliant ideas but it all comes down to execution of the design. Doesn't get any more mechanical and technical than this. Without going into many details let me just say that the process of creation of this hat involved sanding, polishing, glass dust, drilling and cutting with a high temperature knife. Did not stop me from falling in love with neon pink plexiglass. I love the combo of traditional felt vs. Avant-garde plexiglass, modern, strong and very feminine. I have received  a lot of requests for this hat after my Presentation. While many came for the same design in the same color combo, some requested alternative resolution of "Channeling Twiggy". As soon as my October session will be over I will be playing with white/neon green, black/ruby red and yellow/orange combinations! So excited about that! Leaving you with the images of "Channeling Twiggy", photographed by Ed Hafizov for Anya Caliendo official SS2014 lookbook.  Wishing everyone fantastic week ahead! :-)
Corset for the photo shoot is courtesy of amazing Jane Woolrich Design.

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Dearest Anya!
"Cnanning Twiggy"hat-such absolutely special idea and truly amazing design!:)))
Looks like something futuristic and in the same time-breathless feminine!
Flawless details,which I know asked TOO much time to create a perfect dream:)))
My dear friend,from the bottom of my heart congratulations for your Look Book SS 2014! This is great!!!

Thank you so much for this soul-warming post,Anechka:)
Wishing to you blissful,creative,successful week!

Much love,
Always your's,