Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween To Everyone With A Little Surprise From "Shocking" ! :-)

"Shocking" hat created by Anya Caliendo, Photographed by Ed Hafizov.
 It is the end of October and that means it is almost Halloween time. This year the end of October happens to be very special as we celebrate a year since devastating effects of Sandy changed our lives... I say "celebrate" because the entire year after Sandy was filled with recovery, rebuilding, reconstructing our lives and I think we have made it! Seeing new homes rising all around us, seeing our own home rising out of destruction an despair makes me feel hopeful and grateful. Mainly because the tremendous loss of material possessions brought out to light much more valuable realizations. And so, as the weather promises to be warm and sunny on Halloween here in New York, I am wishing all of you fun and happy Halloween! Hope your really get to go out there, dress up and party. :-) I am also happy to announce the winner of our Furla Candy Bag Giveaway - congratulations to Miss Isabella Betina. Please, e-mail us to info@anyacaliendo.com with your shipping address. :-)
 I have been asked once and again to show the back of the "Shocking" hat - the hat I created in tribute to Elsa Schiaparelli . Well, here it is - as beautiful as the front of the hat, the back is actually embellished with Italian lace applique and Swarovski crystals. It was such a fun hat to work on all the way from first sketches to the "Shocking" photo shoot. We had so much fun on the set! Very grateful for my remarkably talented team. Thank you for the fantastic experience! Wishing everyone Happy Halloween and leaving you with few detailed, alternative view images of the "Shocking" hat.

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VM Creation Atelier said...


Your ´´Shoking´´hat is one of my favorites...
The color,an idea of the shape is truly,truly amazing!:)*

Oh,how fantastic is your model in it and also the photographs of Ed Hafizov absolutely stunning work!!!

I am beyond happy to you and your family,my dear friend because of your renovated HOME after horrible Sandy.....

Congrats to lucky winner:)))*

Wishing you ,dear Anya wonderful Halloween time,

Sending to you soulwarming hugs,