Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Sino. The Matador's Mistress" , "Manolete" Editorial Part 2.

 Today I am posting a continuation of the "Manolete" editorial the Part  1 of which you saw last week (right here) with a hat I named "Sino. The Matador's Mistress". I think Manolete's love story touched me more than his astonishing career as a bullfighter. In the 1940-s Manolete's earnings has been estimated at 4 million in 8 years - an absolutely insane amount of money for pre-war Spain. His face graced every single national magazine of that time, artists compited in illustrating Manolete's every win, his cult was fostered by songs in his honor, dolls with his face and even liqueur called "Anis Manolete". He became the most desirable man in Spain.
 Despite this fact and despite the fact that Manolete could have any woman his heart desired his love life was surprisingly very brief. He fell in love with a young and beautiful actress form La-Mancha (yes, I know, I smiled at the name of the place  remembering The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La-Mancha) by the name Lupe Sino, born Antonia Bronchalo Lopesino. She has been well known for her bold and rather shameless behavior as well as her previous romances with other famous Matadors of the time. I tried to imagine her. There are very few images of her available on line but to me she felt more free spirited and careless rather than shameless. She loved strong men and they loved her back including Manolete. Manolete met Sino in the bar and she remained by his side until his death. I think she was one of those women men have difficulty controlling, whose spirit could not be tamed by the rules and expectations of the time. Sino amazed me and I decided to create a hat you see here "Sino. The Matador's Mistress".
 I wanted it to be as beautiful and as complex in detail as Sino was. Once I finished it, I realized that I could probably go on creating many color variations of "Sino" and every single version would still be baring the name of the Matador's Mistress, depicting  Sino's every mood...
Potographed by Ed Hafizov for "Anya Caliendo. Couture Millinery Atelier", styled by Anya Caliendo, Make up artist Roshar, Model's - Anastasia Zubkova and Dzmitry Patuk, Corset by Jane Woolrich.

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Yes,just SO enjoyed to read this story,Anya!
And..... Oh my Gosness!:)))
Beyond beautiful colours combination here by Sino hat makes me totally in love with this new creation!!!
Can imagine this design in a very different colors,as "Sino-wild "carachter woman was..... Existed and beautiful!
Such absolutely great photographs by Ed Hafizov and the models work are astonishing good!

Wishing you wonderful week ahead,dearest Anya!
Much love,