Friday, November 8, 2013

"Starfall" .

 The "Starfall" originally was created as a part of my "Sanctum" Collection back in 2012 and actually got its shining moment walking the runway at "Triumvirate Of Seduction" fashion show by Leonid Gurevich. Since than I retired it to the archives almost immediately for several reasons and it took some time to bring it back. Once in a while I ran into a problem of creative nature ."Starfall" is a perfect example of it. I loved the original idea of "Starfall", I loved the way it looked on paper, I loved selected fabrics (and I did spend insane number of hours trying to select the sequined fabric that would give life to the hat I had in mind). I designed a very special block for the half-moon part of the hat and sent my measurements and drawings for the block to my brilliant block makers in UK - Guy Morse Brown. But once the hat was finished and than photographed on catwalk I realized that I could have done it so much better!
The source of my confusion appeared to be in the images taken on the catwalk. I am notorious among people I work with for being relentless and demanding when it comes to the quality of the images. I am by far not a prize package on the set and those who know me very closely will tell you that all bets are off when the editorial or look book images are not up to my standard. The hats have to look exactly how they look in real life depicting actual colors and displayed exactly how I envisioned them to be displayed. "Starfall", however, refused to comply with any of the rules. When the images came back I felt nothing by disappointment: the "Starfall" appeared to be "dead". The sequined fabric that looked so glamorous and so appealing in real life went completely dark and it felt as if someone has turned of the stars too. If anything, it became apparent that the sequined fabric is not only challenging to work with in general but it is also does not photograph well UNLESS you are lucky enough to have professional set with a genius of a photographer who knows exactly what to do when it comes to the spoiled little creature like "Starfall" (all phrase goes to my in-house photographer Ed Hafizov for that).To be completely honest, I felt heartbroken...Once we got "Starfall" on the set with Ed and the magic lights went on, only than "Starfall" came to life. Here, in this post you see 'Starfall" in all its glory. I still love this hat, but since creating "Starfall" I went on creating another version involving half-moon and stars.I will post it here in the nearest future. Stars have a hold on my heart since I was 5 when me and my sister used to sit in the garden of my Grandmother and look in the dark skies hoping to see the star falling to make a special wish. I still remember mine: live bunny and a basket of oranges! :-)

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