Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Claudette" Twin Hat, "Confessions" Collection SS2014 By My Atelier.

 "Claudette" is actually one of the twin hats mini hat series "Claudette" and "Matilda". You will meet "Matilda" a little bit later, of course. :-) I had nothing but fun creating both of this happy, airy, light and very chic impersonations of twin sisters Claudette and Matilda I met in France in 2010. We became great friends since than and any time I think of them, I smile ear to ear. Both Claudette and Matilda are writers, they live and work in Paris and although they do look very much alike they are actually very different in their preferences. :-) Claudette loves coffee, white chocolate, shopping: she spends insane amount of money on shoes. She believes in oversized chunky knitted sweaters, skinny jeans, long scarfs and sky high stilettos. She doesn't believe in love at first sight, possesses a healthy doze of Parisian cynicism and is a walking book of etiquette rules. Her favorite colors are "mauve pink" and "antique paper". She loves adding cognac to her morning coffee, I can hear her saying:" Well, Anja (she insists on using a letter "j" in my name rather than "y") this is just the way it is. I am in love with both cognac and coffee, so why not to combine both?"
 And so "Claudette" was created to reflect  real life Claudette's beautiful personality. One of my many blessings - I am surrounded by extraordinary, talented people who inspire me tremendously. :-) When "Claudette" was finished and the editorial photographed, I e-mailed the picture to Claudette to get her approval. For a week there was no answer and I even started to worry that Claudette didn't like "Claudette" after all. Too much of pinks, perhaps? - I thought to myself. Finally, a week later long awaited e-mail arrived. It read: "Dear Anja, I adore the way you see me. I adore "Claudette". I adore you. I adore your beautiful hands. I feel like Hemingway who just discovered dry martini! Would it be too much to ask to send "Claudette" to leave with me? I already bought a perfect pair of shoes to match!" Lol... And so "Claudette" went to Claudette, but not before it got itself into a dazzling spotlight of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this past September. :-) THE END!

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Just no more words besides:Adore....!!!:)))
Anya,dearest beautiful Anya!
That's SOooooo true what says Claudette.... And indeed: how much fun and amazing details in YOUR "Claudette" dear Anya!!!
She is so playful,so light and absolutely one of my favorites from your designs!!!

Wish you from the buttom of my heart mostly beautiful Christmas,dear friend!!!

Much love,
Always yours,