Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"La Novia", The "Manolete" Editorial, Final Part.

 "La Novia" is the final part of "The Manolete" editorial I have been introducing you for the past several weeks. If you have missed 3 previous parts of the editorial you can find them here: Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3. Today, along with "La Novia" head piece ("The Bride" in translation from Spanish), I am posting the entire editorial. "La Novia" was inspired by what happened during  the final hours of Manolete's life. As Manolete laid dying, Manolete's doctor Garrido and his team managed to stop bleeding. With in minutes Manolete underwent surgery and was given several blood transfusions. Despite all the effort his condition remained critical. To make sure that Manolete receives the best care possible the official doctor of the Madrid bullring was called to asses the situation. Dr. Giménez arrived at 4 o’clock but unfortunately too late. Manolete was pronounced dead at 5. And while the entire Spain was left to mourn his death in the state of shock, there was one more person left heart broken.
 Sino. For well over a decade Manolete was a Spanish cultural hero. He earned unprecedented amount of money estimated at $4 million in the first eight years of his career in the 1940s. This is precisely why he was so financially valuable to the countless those who made money of off his career: agents, promoters, bull breeders and advertisers. Sino, as I mentioned before, was never accepted by Manolete's family. What touched me the most is the fact that while Manolete was dying, Sino was not aloud to be by his side, not even for a moment. The reason - Manolete's family and his agents were afraid that the last minute marriage can occur in which case the vast fortune of Manolete will be inherited by Sino. And so...she never had a chance to say "good by" to the love of her life. In the editorial, I tried to reunite Manolete and Sino in the final hours of Manolete's life.
 "La Novia" became one of the most challenging hats I have worked on. Not only because it was styled after traditional Spanish head gear  called "peineta" known for the complexity of the cut out design, but also because I decided to create it using the new to me technique - laser cut wood. The design had to be drawn and measured out. I probably destroyed close to 40 panels of the thinnest wood before "La Novia" came out exactly like I envisioned her to be. White pearl glaze solution I mixed using my own proportions was a cherry on top of the cake . And so here you have it - a complete editorial inspired by Manolete whose life story touched me so deeply. I hope you have enjoyed it. I am wishing all of you wonderful week ahead. :-)


VM Creation Atelier said...

Dear dear Anya!
How much I did enjoyed this wonderful Manolette story!....
You made a real beautiful theatre with all your awesome hat designs,So spectacular,So gorgeous....
I love the last one Sino in your fabulously nice bride hat: amazing work!!! Love all in it!:))) Such absolutely cherry on the top!

Thank you immensely much for share all these creations here,Anya!

Wishing you too beautiful weekend,filled with much love,relaxed moments and smile!:)))

Always yours,

Jilly said...

Amazing and beautiful!