Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Atelier For "Tatler" Hong Kong, December 2013 Issue.

Today I am posting a new editorial with several hats created in my Atelier and requested by "Tatler" Hong Kong for December 2013 Issue. Always such a pleasure to work with an amazing stylist Ise White and her creative team (Lauren Temple my hat is off to you!). We have done several editorials to date for different publications and I am looking forward for more exciting editorials. The hat on the top image is actually a part of SS2014 "Confessions" Collection presented at Lincoln Center this September. We currently have over 50 orders just for this style along. :-) The name of the hat is "The Survival Of The Moust Wanted", Part 1 (yes, I did spell "moust" correctly) and this hat is a perfect example of how impractical style beats functional and rational approach to choosing fun head gear.
I say, lets ditch function all together for a little bit or at least for this Holiday Season. Gold sequined structured beret and pearl encrusted hat you see on the second and third images are actually the hats of what I call "intermediate production" - production between collections. We have so many hats created in the Atelier that are not a part of any Collection that at times I even forget to name them. :-)
So excited for this upcoming Christmas!!! Not only we are planning on expending in 2013 moving the production to a bigger Atelier while the existing Atelier will continue to serve as show room and class room for my Millinery School. I am, finally, in the process of  hiring a production team, production manager and expending my staff into a team of approximately 10-12 people. Not easy for me - I am on top of every stitch, perfectionist and do not have an easy time trusting with production. In addition, I have resolved to NOT hire any interns on site. This is something I decided to do a long time ago. I know many professional Milliners choose to have interns working on hats. I understand financial benefits of it - minimum or no pay at all, but at the end quality suffers tremendously. I am also not a great fan of non paying jobs, never supported it, never though it is right and not about to change my mind about it now. Believe me, I have met hats done by the interns and decided that thank you, but no, thank you. Quality - is something highly appreciated by every one in the industry. My Presentation at Lincoln Center served  me as a great proof of that (not that I was unaware of it before). Nothing more disappointing than coming into close contact with badly made hats. So many stylists I spoke to say that many of the hats they pull for the photo shoots are falling apart. At the end of the day - it is MY name on the label and, believe me, I take it very seriously. We are also starting to receive a lot of requests for apprenticeship - this is something I am open to and will definitely consider in 2014. :-) So all in all, 2014 is the year of expansion for my brand. So unbelievably excited! Wishing you great and super productive week ahead! :-)


Tracy | Chief Princess said...

Very exciting news Anya. Wishing you all the best.

VM Creation Atelier said...

Дорогая милая,прекрасная Аня Калиендо!
Я просто в абсолютном восторге от этой фото сессии!!!
Как великолепно работал стриглись можно увидеть по всем фотоработам! Модель тоже абсолютный восторг!:) И работы фотографа-высший класс!!!
Но,Аня-не достаточно всех чудесных слов,чтобы передать тот восторг от Ваших невообразимо стильных шляпок!:)))
Абожаю фото самое первое наверху!!!
Перфекционизм в Ваших дизайнах не знает предела..... Восторг!!!
Гордость за Вас переполняет сердце когда читаю этот пост.... Безумное колличество часов работы и порой бессонных ночей творчества вознаграждается сполна и во истину по праву!!!
С огромным чувством уважения и искренней любви к Вам,