Friday, January 31, 2014

"Matilda" Twin Hat, "Confessions" Collection SS2014 by my Atelier.

 Couple of weeks ago I shared with you the first out of the twin hat series - "Claudette". In case you didn't see it before, you can find it right HERE. Both hats were created as a result of me meeting two very special twin sisters - Claudette and Matilda. And so today I am introducing you to "Matilda" hat and a little description of a sparkling personality of a real life Matilda who inspired it. Matilda lives in Paris with hers sister Claudette and they are both writers. While Claudette is a freelance writer and a contributing writer to many different magazines, Matilda is a children's writer: she writes adorable short stories and currently working on her very first children's book. Unlike her sister, Matilda prefers tea in the morning and you will never find a drop of cognac in it . She knits her own scarfs and gloves and has entire closet in her apartment dedicated to the things she knitted for herself. She is all about comfort - you will never see her wearing high heels, she prefers chic little flats. She takes tango lessons as well as cooking lessons  and she is, in fact, an amazing cook! She loves flowers and especially tulips. She always has a bouquet of tulips on her kitchen table.
 She believes in love at first sight but says she did not have a chance to meet her special someone yet. Her favorite colors are "true violet" and "pale lilac". She hates anything by Guy de Maupassant and is an adamant collector of old books. She says that her most favorite thing to do on Saturdays is to visit flea markets: "They are full of treasures if one is not blind enough to notice them!" . Matilda loves to make her own cherry jam, she says it makes her feel happy! She doesn't have any regrets except for one - she wishes she would continue with ballet lessons instead of quitting at the age of 9. She is an amazing conversationalist. She is sharp, ironic, inquisitive and she does not forgive easily, nor does she let anyone close without first making sure this is her kind of person. Once you have made Matilda's cut - you are up for a treat. She is a Galaxy. :-)

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