Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Hats Of Spring 2014 Paris Haute Couture Week: Hats of The Street Style Files.

 Here is, probably, one of the most interesting things I look forward to during Paris Haute Couture Week every season - hats of the street style files. I have been documenting it for nearly 5 years now and at this point one would have to be blind not to notice transformation of Street Style to anything but Street Style. If not for the hats, I would, probably, ignore it all together by now. Fortunately my main focus are hats in the context of Street Style, they manage to keep it fresh and unique. To me they still remain the small ambassadors of style successfully surviving new trends and countless objects of attention of the "it" moment. Street Style is, certainly,  not what it was back in 2006 when with the help of Sartorialist new dimension of documenting Fashion Weeks was first born. For a while it was truly a sight to behold.
 Never ever before did we see amazing interpretations runway vs. street before. Runway was never copied so bluntly, without a shred of a personal touch. I remember it was a mixture of vintage and modern, monochrome and color, layering and knits (often self made in colors of the season), colorful furs and suspicious eye glasses frames. It was a carousel of style. The Golden Age has passed, it is no longer. What I see now doesn't bring joy and inspiration as it use to do before. Instead, it brings disappointment and boredom.
 Street style now is a mixture of blunt self-promotion, polished examples of sales pitches and open display of personal wealth. Neither one of this three make me feel warm and fuzzy, combination of all three make me feel disgusted at times. Pretenders, imposters, posers, narcissists, fashion wanna-bes are now the majority of the crowd surrounding Fashion Weeks. Thankfully, we do have fabulous few who have managed to keep it interesting: Catherine Baba, for example or Nasiba Adilova. To me the latest article on the subject of Street Style transformation came from BOF, " What Happened To Street Style" by Max Berlinger: "Paradoxically, as the Internet provides instant access to everything, street style has lost its immediacy and vitality. We’re hypnotized by the material goods, but the indefinable characteristics of true style remain underrepresented. There was a time when the runways and magazines reflected a world of fantasy, and real life was, well, real life. Which didn’t mean that you had to dress like a bore, but you certainly didn’t borrow clothes from a showroom either."

All Images are courtesy of W Magazine, Style.com, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue.com, Vogue Italy, Buro 24/7

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Dearest Anya!

I can only say: that's true....unfortunately.

Personatlity is a big talent.
And make copies is easier than to be creative.

But you can see today( and I am so happy about it:)* that hats are very special addition to the real carackter!

Wishing you a very creative week,Anya:)*
Stay warm!

Much Love,