Friday, January 17, 2014

The Most Memorable Hats Of 2013.

 Traditionally, I love writing the post on my favorite hats of the year in late December, just before the year is over. Not this time. December and early January have been extremely busy for me so much so I had to stop Blogging for just a little bit to get things in order. One little admission: for the first time in my life I am happy that Holiday Season is over. :-) This year it was more overwhelming that relaxing. And so, coming after Holiday break, the first post of 2014 is dedicated to the most memorable (in my opinion) hats of the past 2013.
 Flower bonnets by Dior were first created several decades ago. Transformed, updated, added with more colors - I thought the latest version of Dior flower bonnets created for one of the Dior's add campaigns were exquisite.
In 2013 gradually revived House of Schiaparelli presented first long awaited 18 look Collection created by Christian Lacroix. Each and every single look was inspired by Schiaparelli's aesthetics and favorite color combinations. To me this Tribute to Schiaparelli by Christian Lacroix was a perfect marriage of sublime genius in Haute Couture and the great Legend's legacy.
I miss Christian Lacroix. When it was announced that House Of Schiaparelli chose him as a guest designer I hoped that it would resolve in long term collaboration. After all aesthetics of Lacroix are very close to aesthetics of Schiaparelli. One might wonder if they share he same creative DNA :-) But no luck. House of Schiaparelli announced that Marco Zanini is appointed as a head designed for the brand.With Haute Couture Week in Paris due to begin just in a few short weeks I am looking forward to seeing his vision for the legendary house.

Admittedly, I was extremely disappointed by MET's highly publicized exhibition "PUNK: From Chaos To Couture." To me it felt  flat and poorly versed in material. Or, perhaps, I thought the exhibition itself was ordinary and we have "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" to blame for setting high standards for visual display and sound. The only things that I thought gave "PUNK" exhibition flavor and character were crazy colorful wig hats created by Guido Palau. Critics argued that his wigs turned mannequins in Troll dolls, but I still disagree. If not for the wig hats, this exhibition would choke on complete absence of taste.
Yesterday you literally couldn't visit any on-line fashion publication without seeing Happy Birthday wishes to Kate Moss - a beloved supermodel who turned 40. Her Birthday was celebrated universally in media and social networks going viral on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 40 is not an easy number to digest for any woman - you will not convince me otherwise. And so I thought Kate's very brave editorial for Playboy was not only much awaited event of December 2013, it was also a way for Kate to flip number 40. She did it brilliantly in one of the best versions of Bunny Ears hat created by Stephen Jones I have ever seen. It was delicious, surprising, fresh. It was Kate.
In late September of 2013 Marc Jacobs announced his departure from the legendary House Of Louis Vuitton. His final Collection was more a statement than a suggestion of function in any capacity. What elevated his final show from being just a show was amazing, dramatic head gear created by Stephen Jones.
Year 2013 was a year of unforgettable exhibitions. One of them, "The Fashion world Of Jean Paul Gaultier: from The Sidewalk To The Catwalk" displayed in Brooklyn Museum was a sight to behold. I went to see it 5 times. Extraordinary head gear on display  defined every law of gravity and told a very powerful story.

I loved the hat worn by Sarah Jessica Parker for the MET 2013 Ball created by Philip Treacy. It was chic, punk, very appropriate for the occasion. :-)

One more exhibition filled with remarkable hats curated by Stephen Jones titled "Anna Piaggis' Hat-Ologie opened in Milan in tribute of late Anna Piaggi. Known for her eccentric taste and vast collection of fabulous hats majority of which were created for her by Stephen Jones, the exhibition became one of the most awaited hat events of 2013.

I thought ensemble of hats displayed by Philip Treacy for Swarovski Wien was spectacular. I just wish I could see it up close. The amount of work that went into this hats are truly remarkable.
Finally, how could I not mention one of the most anticipated exhibitions of the year filled with spectacular head gear titled "Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore" which opened in Somerset House in London displaying Isabella's eclectic wardrobe? Hats created by Philip Treacy with many of which you are familiar of course, served not only as display's high point but also somehow made Isabella more  present. I only hope that 2014 will be as rich with amazing examples in head gear as 2013 was. Wishing everyone great weekend. Make it a point to wear a great topper just for the joy of it. :-)

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