Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Runaway Tower" Beret Of "Comfessions" Collection SS2014. Paris Fashion Week!

 What is more appropriate than celebrating the beginning of Paris Fashion Week, which starts today, than creating a post about one of the Paris inspired hats presented during my MBFW show in New York? With suitcases packed to go, I find myself excited to have a chance to return to the city I adore. The name of this hat is "Runaway Tower". The idea for this hat was born after particularly fun night, filled with Champagne  and music, I spent with my sister Polina and several of my Parisian friends in the fabulous little restaurant overlooking Eiffel Tower. The Tower danced with lights and,at times, it seemed like it is just about to start moving. Perhaps, we all just had a little bit too much to drink. :-) In any event, just like with many of my hats, I wanted to freeze that moment in time by creating a lighthearted hat, crisp and simple with a colorful, playful accent. And, of course, in person, Swarovski crystals give it so much more charm and fire. "Runaway Tower" has many fans and became one of the favorites. A little bit over 70 "Runaway Towers" went into production after my Presentation. Some already left to their global destinations. Hopefully, very soon, we will see dancing Eiffel Towers all over the world! Wishing you fabulous week ahead. I know that it will be unforgettable week for me. :-)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Scenes From The "HATtitude:The Milliner In Culture And Couture." Exhibition at Arts Westchester.Opening Day.

 If you, by any chance, will find yourself visiting New York with in the next few weeks, I strongly suggest to make an effort and visit the "HATtitude: The Milliner In Culture And Couture" Exhibition on display at Arts Westchester. Solo millinery exhibitions are so rare and far in between, especially in contemporary New York - every one of them becomes a spectacular event not to be missed. This particular exhibition features over 150 hats from 40 contemporary milliners and private collections. The key word here is "contemporary", milliners of today as the focal point of the Exhibition. Seeing the layout of so many beautiful designs in one room  completely annihilates  the last shred of doubt (in case anyone has one) that millinery in the US is alive and well breathing with creativity and talent. This Exhibition puts a spotlight on the hat's global function in cultures worldwide and its position in 20th and 21st century couture fashion. So very excited to have 5 of my designs to be displayed with in the context of the Exhibition!
 The images in this post were provided by Arts Westchester and as great as they are, seeing these hats in person is indescribable experience. To me anyway. I love the art of Millinery and events like this one bring tremendous joy to my heart! The Exhibition will be on view until April 12th of 2014. Hope you can make it. :-)

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Hats Of New York Fall 2014 RTW: Roaming In The Snow. Street Chic Files.

 While the Winter of 2014 continuous to announce its presence with snow, snow, snow and more snow in New York, we continue to look for a remedy to carry us through the endless whites and greys of the Season. The secret might be found in Vitamin D (I am a great fan of it by the way). Another option is to dive into color! This seemed to be the "it" thing of the Street Chic crowd surrounding New York Fall 2014 RTW shows. And I thought it was fantastic! Pinks, oranges, yellows, fuchsias, neons all over the place and who cares if the subtext reads : "notice ME!" "photograph ME!'' , "Single ME out!"- it doesn't matter. Anything to divert from the cold pallet of the Winter. And so here are the best Street Style looks of New York streets this season. Young, happy, with a touch of crazy  and all about Fashion. I am wishing everyone beautiful Valentine's Day and hope you will spend it with the ones you love. I know I will. :-)

All images are courtesy of Vogue.com, Tommy Ton for Style.com and Buro24/7.com

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Stairway To Heaven" Hat Of My "Confessions" Collection SS2014.

 "Stairway To Heaven" was created as a final farewell to my Dad. He passed away so suddenly and unexpectedly, in his sleep at the age of 64, I still have such a  difficult time coming to terms with the fact that he is no longer. I thought with "Stairway To Heaven" I will help him to get closer to the Stars and Heaven... Based on one of my favorite shapes in Millinery, turban, this hat was actually designed in two parts. To create a half moon I first had to design wood block first. In person this hat is shimmering with moon light. Pale blue silk organza has a beautiful lavender undertone to it. Unfortunately, you can't really see it on the picture. One of the most special hats I ever worked on, it is one of a kind version I will never be reproducing or selling.
 I will be very brief today, since I have to spend my day in New York for several meetings and one very exciting project. We have an amazing, snowy Winter this year and I am enjoying every minute of it!I am wishing everyone beautiful Winter day ahead. :-)