Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Runaway Tower" Beret Of "Comfessions" Collection SS2014. Paris Fashion Week!

 What is more appropriate than celebrating the beginning of Paris Fashion Week, which starts today, than creating a post about one of the Paris inspired hats presented during my MBFW show in New York? With suitcases packed to go, I find myself excited to have a chance to return to the city I adore. The name of this hat is "Runaway Tower". The idea for this hat was born after particularly fun night, filled with Champagne  and music, I spent with my sister Polina and several of my Parisian friends in the fabulous little restaurant overlooking Eiffel Tower. The Tower danced with lights and,at times, it seemed like it is just about to start moving. Perhaps, we all just had a little bit too much to drink. :-) In any event, just like with many of my hats, I wanted to freeze that moment in time by creating a lighthearted hat, crisp and simple with a colorful, playful accent. And, of course, in person, Swarovski crystals give it so much more charm and fire. "Runaway Tower" has many fans and became one of the favorites. A little bit over 70 "Runaway Towers" went into production after my Presentation. Some already left to their global destinations. Hopefully, very soon, we will see dancing Eiffel Towers all over the world! Wishing you fabulous week ahead. I know that it will be unforgettable week for me. :-)

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Dear Anya,

I got a smile on my face while I road your post!:)* ''Danced Tower'' on your beautiful precious Beret....
Love,love,love this idea and SOoooooooo perfect,just PERFECT implementation design of you!

Wish you absolutely amazing week in Paris and thank you for this wonderful post!

Much Love,