Friday, March 14, 2014

My Brilliant Students, Part 9: Hania Bulczynska of Lallu Chic Millinery, Zielona Gora, Poland.

 When I think of Hania (you see her on the very last picture of this post), I think of sunshine. It is impossible not to smile next to her, it is impossible not to get infected by her boundless energy, sense of humor and enthusiasm. :-) At this point I have been teaching my Advanced Millinery Course long enough to see if the student has a viable future in Millinery. Dedication and patience is a huge part of it, of course. Every time student travels to my Atelier from as far away as Poland (just like Hania  did), or any other country in the world, I know immediately that dedication is not an issue as well as patience. People normally don't jump on the plain to cross Atlantic Ocean just for giggles. And so, yes, Hania meant business. :-)
 What set her apart form the rest of the Class was meticulous dedication to creating every single detail, no matter how small it was, in strict alliance with her vision. I always say that patience in millinery is the greatest virtue. It is important because at the end of the day ones ability to execute uncompromised design makes the hat stand out from the rest of the hats. Hania is a perfect example of it. Her love of color adds to the spectacular millinery symphony she creates. She marches to her own drum while being able to steer clear of the "crazy ugly" (my term for hideous hats with pretenses for originality) designs. She has a tremendous sense of humor when it comes to her designs and she always manages to keep it under control with her colorful, elegant hats.
 One of my most favorite memories of Hania is her final few days in my Atelier when she was working on turban. Turban is a mandatory hat of the course, difficult, strenuous, frustrating, often discouraging in the process. Hania chose a beautiful shade of golden velvet to work on her version of one of the hardest hats to master. One day into pleating the turban, patience wearing thing, Hania broke into tears. Nevertheless, she pushed herself into many attempts to re-pleat and redo design in progress until the turban was chic enough. "Chic enough" is the only term I use to grade turbans in my Class. While it is almost impossible to explain what "chic enough" means, to me it is an internal feeling - when I look at the hat and I know that the has is done brilliantly, six sense if you will. Once Hania finished her turban the expression of pride, joy, a very clear feeling of successful accomplishment she felt made every single moment of working on the turban worth it. After arriving back to Poland Hania e-mailed me telling me that she was so proud of her work, she actually wore her golden turban on the  air plain back to Poland. She received star treatment not only from airline personal but from the passengers of the flight too! Well, Hania knows how to wear her hats well.
 You can visit Hania right here and if you will ever find yourself in Zielona Gora in Poland where Hania runs her Lallu Chic Millinery, make sure to give Hania a call. Hania, I know you know this but just in case: I am so tremendously proud of you! I know how difficult it is to make it in Poland and my hat is off to you for your wonderful positive energy, your beautiful new designs and your world winning smile. :-) Sending you much love!
 All images in theis post are courtesy of Hania Bulczynska.


Hania Bulczyńska said...

Anya My Dearest, Unforgettable, Best Teacher of all! Thank you so much for bringing me tears and smile and pride of my choice. The choice of COUTURE MILLINERY which I have been trying to master ever since I left your Atelier! I miss You and your classes so much!!! And there is sooooo much to learn... One day I will come to learn and cry even more:-)

Tracy | Chief Princess said...

Wishing you much success Hania.

VM Creation Atelier said...

Как великолепны эти работы,Аня!!!
Поздравляю Вас снова и снова с чудом Ваших талантливых студентов!!!:)
Смотрю с неописуемым наслаждением абсолютно все Ваши посты,и так радуюсь за Вас!:)))