Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Brillinat Students, Part 8: Arlette Burgaud, Paris. France.

 Every time I write an article about one of my brilliant students, I can't help but count my lucky stars. I have been blessed with many things in life, one of the most cherished of which,by far, is the love of those people who trusted me with being their teacher. This connection often goes far beyond the length of the 3 week long excruciatingly intense Course. Fortunately for me, it often turns into a life-long friendship with the most talented people from all over the world one can only hope to meet! Last week, while being in Paris for the fashion week, I had an amazing time spending one evening with my former student, my firend and now a Milliner with in her own right - Arlette Burgaud. Arlette visited me in Le Bristol Paris Hotel to catch up on new happenings in our lives. If there is an epitome of the phrase "Parisian chic" - Arlette is it! From the very first moment she walked into my Atelier two years ago: fabulously dressed, wearing berry lipstick, with her gorgeous red hair flowing I felt an immediate connection, almost instantaneous feeling of very special presence. I don't' know how to explain it really other than to say that I always "read" people well and I am rarely mistaken thanks to my internal barometer. :-)
 Arlette had an extraordinary life full of unbelievable adventures before she decided to open another chapter dedicating it to the art of millinery. In the early 20-s Arlette was a heart of a revolutionary group and an avant-garde feminist magazine in France. She worked as a secretary while studding to become a journalist ultimately becoming  first female subeditor of Le Matin, the most sought after daily paper at the time and than rising to the position of the head of the beauty section of a weekly women’s magazine directed by Jacques Chancel, while being a contributing writer for fashion magazines like Mari Clair Paris. Unbelievable career, right? To see Arlett now, modeling her own beautiful creations (you see Arlette here on black and white images of this post) is a thrill beyond my capability of description.
 Arlett's hats are very different just like Arlette herself: they are delicate, beautifully made, chic, with a very strong sense of Parisian aesthetics, this are the hats I would love to add to my own collection of the hats I wear. :-) I am so proud of Arlett's achievements and her progress but even more so, I am proud to have such a talented friend. Arlette, I love you with all my heart. So, if you ever find yourself in Paris - make sure to make an appointment with Arlette Burgaud. Arlette launched beautifully made site just a little while ago - www.arletteburgaud.com - make sure to visit it.
 It is always visible just how much effort every Milliner puts into creation of their website. I always say it is your "face", this is your introduction to the world and subsequently to that specific group of clients you are trying to establish. Arlette put so much effort into creating her very first introductory editorial to her site. Flawless work! My hat is off to you, Arlette! All images are provided courtesy of Arlette and her phenomenal photographer Jean-Paul Lefret. I am leaving you with beautiful heats created by Arlette and will see you back here Friday with a new post on another very talented student of mine. :-) Have a wonderful week ahead!


Lorena Balea-Raitz said...

Lovely blogpost!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Здравствуйте,милая Аня!

С каким удовольцтвием прочла Ваш пост!:)*
Арлетт удивительно интересный и очень талантливый человек.
Ее шляпки-маленькие истории,воплощенные в жизнь!
Восхищение Вашей пфоффессией Аня с каждым днем завладевает мной все сильнее.....
Представляю себе до чего нтересно общение во время учебного процесса с Вашими учениками и насколько взаимно этот процесс обагащает и Вас и Ваших прекрасных учеников!:)))*

Желаю Вам искренне хорошей весенней недели!