Friday, April 4, 2014

Editorial Work: The Hats Of My Atelier For "Vanity Fair" Italy, March 2014.

I have soft spot for certain fashion publications. "Vanity Fair" Italia is one of them. I remember sitting in my Atelier back couple of years ago on Sunday, with a badge of fresh Issues of numerous fashion magazines, flipping through the pages of "Vanity Fair" Italia and thinking how cool would it be to one day see my hats on the pages of it. If one lesson I learned through the years of operating my Millinery is that dreams do come true. Not only that, but they do come true and than some. So thrilled to see three of my hats gracing the pages of "Vanity Fair" Italy, March 2014 Issue. I just LOVE saying it: "Vanity Fair" Italia, "Vanity Fair" Italia, "Vanity Fair" Italia! Lol I can go on...
Two separate editorials, both styled by the amazing, sweet, extraordinary visionary-stylist Selin Bursalioglu (I am such a big fan of her work!) include hats of my Atelier:
"Avatar" hat created for my "Sanctum" 2013 Collection you see on the picture above in a dark editorial titled "Prendere Il Volo".
Another hat titled "The Thief: Ruby Hunter" of "Confessions" 2014 Collection is also appearing in the same "Prendere Il Volo" editorial.
Finally, "Blue Lagoon" hat, also initially created for my 'Sanctum" Collection 2013, looks beautiful in "Pop Tribale" editorial for the same issue of "Vanity Fair" Italia. What a great way to start my weekend. :-) My April Session of my Millinery School is in full progress and I am enjoying not only the company of amazing, talented, very accomplished people who came to stay with me for the entire month of April, but I am also looking forward to many more press coverage we works so hard to obtain. I will share every bit of it with you. Have a wonderful weekend!

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Dreams come true!!!
How inspiring and beautiful this is dear Anya!:)
Yes,yes,yes! "Faintly Fair" Italy... This is really amazing dream,came true!!!

Wishing you beautiful weekend,dear friend!
Much love,