Friday, April 25, 2014

"Interview With Daphne".

"Interview With Daphne" couture hat, created for my "Confessions" 2014 Collection, was actually inspired by the iconic fashion figure, a muse behind so many designer creations - Daphne Guinness. I remember watching interview Daphne gave to Nick Knight sometime last year. I was mesmerized not only by the content of the interview but also by the way Daphne moved in her chair. It was almost as if she was dancing in a way, moving her legs, always positioning them in a way only a dancer would. It was so natural, so matter of fact that it was clear this is not something staged or rehearsed about it. To me Daphne is always a creature of the Divine, she understands style unlike anyone else or, let's say, like very rare few do, she is not afraid to create her own presence and she does so brilliantly. And so here you have it.
 I know how much Ms. Guinness loves high platforms and one day, I promise, I will mold a beautiful pair of porcelain legs with sky high platform shoes Daphne is so famous for. Until then, "Interview With Daphne" will always be a beautiful reminded to myself that there should be no fear in discovering who you are and embracing it with a certain degree of defiance and large degree of elegance. Thank you for making it so clear, Daphne. :-)
 Wishing every one great weekend ahead! It is the end of April already and life is beautiful. :-)

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh,dear Anya!
I've enjoy your new post so much....
Has a very big smile on my face and so much pleasure to see these HUGE fantastic images with your hat!!!
I kept all if them by my PC and want to share all of them!!!
Wishing you amazing day,dear friend!

Much love,