Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Sugar Addict" .

 I have a soft spot, a large degree of affection for small, very compact hats able to tell the story. It is customary to think that small hats take much less effort in design. To me - small hat is always a challenge since you have to be able to create something very unique with very little in terms of the size. I look at it as small jewels. :-) This little tiny number I named "Sugar Addict" turned out to be  all the fun to work with. Partly because it has gazillion shades of pink, reds and fuchsias in it. But mostly because "Sugar Addict" provided a new opportunity to work with previously  unfamiliar to me technique of cutting out acrylic shapes, polishing and placing image over it.
 3-D embroidery is something I love to incorporate into my designs because I love the effect of it. Of course, the use of materials, whether it is multiple sized sequins or Swarovski crystals or a mixture of two has to be carefully considered. In my case, I don't care - anything for a beautiful hat. :-) "Sugar Addict" became a part of my '"Confessions" Collection and in a sense the confessions is in the title of the hat. :-) I am wishing all great week ahead. The Atelier is full of sunlight today. The last day of my April Session with students is just about to begin and I feel lucky and blessed to be able to work with talented, driven, very enthusiastic group of people. :-)

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh,my Godness!......
This little "Sugar Addict" is a very cute piece of Art!:)))
I can imagine,Anya HOW much attention are need a very little treasures,because of beyond perfect made all of smallest details and nuances.....
And,oh I do adore those colors so much,million shades of pink!!!

Much love,
Always yours,