Friday, April 11, 2014

Today I Am "Incognito".

 The idea for "Incognito" took its life from two inspiration sources: The first one was purely philosophical in a way, a bit dark but full of unexpected guesses and mystery, a difficult task of visualizing the masks we all wear in our ordinary every day routines vs. who we are once we are left along at the end of the day in the privacy of our own sanctums. The second source had more of a mechanical nature: I always wanted to experiments with half over the face shapes and heavy attachments in such a way that it still has lightness and crisp structure.
"Incognito" carries the side attachment filled with violet and black silk rushed flowers made out of whopping 6 yards of silk! Each of them adding to the obvious drama of the hat. One of my most challenging designs in terms of construction and I have to say, one of the darker pieces I have ever worked on...
 Friday is here - which makes it unbelievable fact #1 in my book for this week since I woke up today convinced that today is Wednesday. :-) I will pretend that I somehow lived out the lost days while wearing "Incognito" and simply have no recollection of it. :-) Have a great weekend everyone!

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Not ordinary idea of your "Incognito" hat makes me thinking about Venice and those masks,wich are SO different and bizarre,dearest Anya!!!
LOVE this dark creation of you in all details and all nuances... The colors,the fabrics and finely- the mostly perfect made creation!!!

Thankyou for share:)
Always yours,