Friday, May 2, 2014

Kentucky Oaks 2014 Survivors Parade : The "Andrea" Hat And The Story Of Andrea.

Kentucky Oaks and Derby is, finally, here. It has been a long and intense  production period in the Atelier working overtime once an again to fulfill beautiful orders from our clients and ship it to all destinations just in time for  the Kentucky Derby. Today, I would like to share a very special story of a beautiful girl Andrea who was chosen to participate in Kentucky Oaks 2014 Survivors Parade and for whom I created a very special couture hat I named "Andrea". The story behind the order is also quite remarkable. Several weeks ago I received a very sweet e-mail from a girl named Anne. She wrote about her best friend Andrea who has been battling breast cancer for many years. She was first diagnosed in her early 30th but 9 years later the cancer came back and now Andrea is battling stage IV.
As soon as the news were received that Andrea was chosen to be a participant of Survivors Parade on Oaks Day, Anne opened a very secret Facebook page where Andrea's friends and family were able to pitch in to raise money for Andrea's hat. Little did we all know that the "Andrea" hat will not only bring people together in an effort to help Andrea to go to Kentucky Derby in style, but along the way will make TV news and create treasured friendships. Hand painted Italian silk I chose for the "Andrea" hat is full of Light and full of Life. The minute a saw it I knew that this is exactly what "Andrea" hat should look like.
As a matter of fact, from the very first time I met Andrea I was blown away by her beauty and her remarkable personality. She has the most gorgeous, infectious smile you can imagine and I don't remember the last time I met a person so full of positive energy like Andrea. I am at owe, because to me it is an ultimate strength of character and a beautiful example of how one should truly live a life enjoying every single experience as the greatest gift. And so it did not come as a surprise to me that Andrea was surrounded by the most wonderful, carrying, loving, extraordinary group of people. Light always attracts Light. As I was putting my signature blue jeweled butterflies on Andrea's hat, I felt that this hat is Life itself: filled with color and gentle sparkle. It was a privilege to work on creating the "Andrea" hat.
And so, as Andrea prepares to step out in her beautiful hat today, I would like to say: My hat is off to you Andrea. You took me on a beautiful journey the memory of which I will cherish for the rest of my life. I know in my heart that you will emerge from your battle victoriously. I love your beautiful heart. You are an amazing source of inspiration and I hope you know that you have a new friend and a new admirer, right here in Babylon.
On the day when Andrea came to pick up her hat Channel News 12 Long Island came along the way. Hundreds of thousands,the entire army of people stood by watching Andrea trying on her beautiful hat for the first time with her face glowing and happy.
And here she is, in my Atelier, looking absolutely stunning and oh, so exited and in love with the "Andrea" hat! :-)
All proceeds from the "Andrea" hat will go to "pay forward" program which will fund hats for those cancer patients who can not afford beautiful hats. Because, remember, Light attracts Light !


Lisa Hudgins said...

Andrea- you are truly an amazing woman and an inspiration! Stay strong. God bless you!

VM Creation Atelier said...

''Light atracts Light''....!!!
HOW beautiful it was said,dearest Anya!!!
I can understand your feelings by when do you made this colorful creation,Anya..............
What a great personality is Andrea!

Much love,