Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Signing Off For The Summer With Vogue Sposa, June 2014.

 No matter how hardwired you are to the calendar, seasons seem to snick up on you always so unexpectedly, so out of nowhere. Instead of experiencing a shock of my latest time discovery I should probably stop being so surprised all together or, perhaps, get detached from the concept of time. Who needs calendars, iPad scheduled reminders, buzzes, iPhone's annoying rings? I often think how much easier it would be to live a simple unattached to any of it life. The Atelier have been living an intense production time through the entire year and especially so last several weeks. I have not been able to Blog or have a day off or a quite moment to myself. If not for the abundance of beautiful moments along the way, production would seem almost too intense. For example, my #1 favorite moment of last week is running into my brilliant colleague Albertus Swanepoel which turned into an invitation to his fantastic studio and very in depth, honest, inspiring conversation we ended up having. :-) #2 Favorite moment of this week is the e-mail from Vogue Sposa letting me know that they have been so long in love with my "Red Caviar" hat, they decided to include it in one of the feature stories in their June 2014 Issue.
 And so, the month of June is here: sunny, glorious, unapologetic and full of projects, hats, plans, meetings and....oh, well, I can go on and on! It is a tradition here, in my Blog to sign off for the Summer to free more time for the production of new Collection, my Millinery School (which by the way, brought this year unbelievably talented people from France, Australia, Peru, Russia and all over US and it is only half way through!). I will see you back here in September to share more exciting news on SS2015 Collection. If you are following my Atelier on Insatgram @anyacaliendo you will be treated to Summer updates. I promise to make up for the time lost not Blogging over the past 2 weeks. I hope your Summer will be filled with joy, lit by sunshine and surrounded by friends. :-) Have a good one!