Friday, September 19, 2014

Jeweled Colored Oversized Beanies of the "Ghost Gardens" . Spring into Fall Casual Chic Treasures.

 While  the rest of the world in Fashion stays firmly glued to the screens in expectation of another revelation from Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, while Jean Paul Gaultier is gearing up to present his last Ready To Wear Collection and Jeremy Scott attempts to convince the next generation of "It" girls that plastic-bubble gum-Barbie is the greatest runway discovery of this Season, the Fall has finally arrived. With this in mind, I am starting to post about the hats of the "Ghost Gardens" Collection which are now available to preorder for Spring Summer 2015 Season. The greatest challenge in the creation of any Collection, for me personally, focuses on two points - the range of millinery capability and diversity of the traditional and untraditional for millinery materials. Especially so if I am working with classic designs, many versions of which have been circling around for a long while. This time, I have decided to address my spin on everyone's favorite casual chic treasures - beanies.
 I wanted to create a very colorful spectrum of beanies. Beanies that would appeal not only to the young group of people, like, let's say, my now 19 year old daughter Anastasia but also young people in their mid-20s to 30s. Before going away to College, Anastasia had a big party and made sure to stop by my Atelier with her friends. The girls could not stop trying on every single beany in every color ultimately telling me that these are the "coolest beanies ever" and "may I please have one in every single color". :-)
 While some beanies were done in traditional manner - knitted from silk yarn. Four of the styles were created very differently. For example, I used shredded on bias, distressed hand colored georgette silk in variations from pale pink into intense candy pink colors and the same technique was used in creating blue beany: hand died georgette from pale blue (almost white) into intense electric blue color.
 Red beanie (secretly my most favorite out of the group) was created out of distressed silk yarn recycled from variations of silk. This is exactly why you see splashes of emerald, purple, yellow and orange in the body of the red beany. The final result came up to be so much better that I expected. Brings smile to my face
 Another great thing about this beanies is that they are the kind of hat that could be worn in the Spring and in the Fall too :-) . They have made such an amazing addition to the "Ghost gardens" Collection. All our guests found them so much fun! :-) I chose to display them along the spectacular fire place in the main living room of the Dior Suite along with colorful pom-poms scattered around. :-)
Here you see our beautiful model Rozi modeling right next to the display of my beanies. As you can see even grand dame Dior loved wearing a blue version of beanie.
 I am wishing everyone wonderful, warm Fall weekend ahead and will see you back here next Tuesday with a new post on our beauty team and my wonderful guests of Presentation at St.Regis Hotel. :-)
All images are by Ed Hafizov.

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VM Creation Atelier said...


Oh,I am totally in LOVE with your sweetest,prettiest and SO stunning beanies....
My favourite is a RED one beautiful treasure!:)*''красная шапочка''

Totally another style: fun,pretty,joy and SO charming!!!

Wish you wonderful weekend,dear friend:)))*

Much Love,