Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Atelier For GLASSbook Magazine, Spetember 2014 Issie + More Over The Summer Press :-)

With just few days leading up to the Presentation of The "Ghost Garden" Collection I have been working overtime to make sure every single detail is in place. This year it feels more relaxed in a way, not as stressful and demanding as last year. I have a great team of people who are such a tremendous help and a source of encouragement to me! I am enjoying the process tremendously maybe because the location I chose for my Presentation this year is a sight to behold. It is very opposite to the industrial feel of Lincoln Center venue I presented in last time. I will tell you more about it a little bit later but today I decided to catch up on the Press segment. I have been spoiled by quality press requests over the Summer. Majority of publications will come out soon and I, of course, will share them with you proudly. Proudly is the right word, because I believe I have earned every single one of them. :-) The first two images you see here are a part of the "Labyrinth" editorial styled by the young and very talented stylist Lauren Temple.
It was photographed for the GLASSbook Magazine, September 2014 Issue and I absolutely love the way it came out. The editorial was photographed in the legendary Jekyll & Hyde Restaurant in New York. For those of you who have never been there - I strongly recommend visiting. We had so much fund in this amazing place over the years.
If you are following me on Instagram @anyacaliendo or on Facebook, you, of course, seen "Ms. BourjouiX" hat created in my Atelier published in Vogue Paris, September 2014. Very proud of this one, Vogue is always a big deal. Vogue Paris has been a life long dream for me. The entire "Bijoux. Black Is Beautiful" editorial is spectacular: filled with amazing hats and jewels. :-)
Another proud  moment is this publication in "Harper's Bazaar" Arabia, July 2014 Issue. Rihanna chose to go with my "Padishah's Blood" scarlet red and fuchsia velvet turban created in my Atelier. Styled by one of my top favorite stylists Ise White.
This fabulous editorial was actually photographed as a part of Official Ad Campaign for NIKON's new camera. This segment was titled "White Witch Awakening" and was styled by the phenomenal Leonid Gurevich for Nikon. Leonid wanted very specific type of hat. He called me weeks before to give general direction which sounded like "Whites, tall, witchy". I knew how the hat will end up looking before he finished his sentence. The scope of production for NIKON reminded me of thefull blown movie set against the gorgeous background of exotic palace, with live animals on the set. Spectacular work, Leonid!
Finally, so proud of the opportunity to be  in the line up of world's top designers and celebrities who were commissioned to design a very special Venetian Mask each to be auctioned off to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital. I have decided to create something very colorful, happy, beautiful and here is what my mask looked like.  This event has received so much publicity both in the UK and here. It was interesting to see what my colleagues and other participants created in response to this challenge. :-) You can read more on the event and see all masks right HERE of HERE. I am wishing all wonderful day ahead and hope to see you here Friday. The day before my Presentation I will be posting more beautiful details about the "Ghost Gardens" Collection.



VM Creation Atelier said...

Здравствуйте дорогая Аня!

Перчитываю снова и снова Ваш пост..................с неимоверным смешанным чувством радости и гордости за Вас и Ваше уникально прекрасное творчество,которое не просто красота,а настоящий бизнес талантливого дизайнера!
Буду ждать с нетерпением пятницы:)*

Искренне,с любовью и увашением
Ваша Виолетта.

jill Cavanagh Flowers said...

Dear Anya
Thank you for the magic that you bring.
So pleased to read that you have really enjoyed the journey of fashion week so much this year.
Sending all my love and best wishes for the presentation .I cannot wait to see the wonderful journey you take us on this year. Congratulations and enjoy every moment of your well deserved success.

Tracy | Millinery Treasures said...

Amazing work Anya. You never cease to amaze.

lorenabr said...

Hello Anja,

These pieces are stunning! All the best for the presentation.