Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Atelier For Tatler HK, Vanity Fair Italia + More Additional Press.

 At this point, I think It is safe to say, that running social platforms like Facebook, Blogger and Instagram  feels almost like a second job. :-) Well, one way or another, I don't mind it at all. I feel extremely spoiled by press so much so, I do find it difficult to keep track of editorials and my very own hats. If not for my fantastic friends and fans, some of the editorials would go unnoticed. Just like the "Sixties a la Mode" editorial in Tatler HK, August 2014 Issue.
 This editorial has been styled by the amazing Ise White for Tatler HK and I absolutely love the mood and the feel of it. Both hats were created in my Atelier and both are found new homes in Madrid and Barcelona. :-)

 "Vanity Fair" Italy, September 2014 Issue featured two hats of my Atelier in glamorous editorial titled "Voglio Quella Borsa". Pastel pink "Provocateur" hat shared the spotlight not only with gorgeous model Egle Tvirbutaite ....
 But also with "Red Caviar" hat also created in my Atelier. Editorial was hotographed by Stewart Shining, Styled by Selin Bursalioglu . Love the way both hats were styled!

 While we are still in the process of receiving Press covering my MBFW "Ghost Gardens" Millinery Presentation, today  I decided to share some of the Press we received. I am overwhelmed with great reviews and feel fortunate, lucky, and very grateful that this year my Atelier was able to receive exquisite Press coverage. In the weeks leading to my Presentation I took under complete control every aspect of it. Guest List was one of the things I insisted on keeping a very close eye on (unlike last year). I wanted to keep away useless bloggers, fashion wannabes, people who know close to nothing about millinery and those who viewed fashion as if it is nothing but a glamorous background for their own egos. By doing so, I did upset a lot of people, but I have absolutely zero regrets.
 It was amazing to see representatives of Vogue US, fashion critics opinion of whom I hold in highest regards, professional journalists who came from all over the world and some of my wonderful colleagues whose friendship and influence I cherish so much.
 The "Ghost Gardens" Presentation was a perfect embodiment of what true Millinery Presentation should be like. At least in my view of things. One of my best work so far and there is not a word big enough to describe how happy, accomplished and proud I feel of my creation. In the days and weeks to come I, of course, will share more of the Press, but for now, I am wishing everyone wonderful week ahead! :-)

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VM Creation Atelier said...

WOW,WOW and WOW!!!
Anya,it's amazing and it's SO delight to be able to chosen....
I can greatly imagine your proud and very happy feelings!:)))*

THANKYOU so much for share all your fantastic expiriences here!
Wishing you lovely first week of October:)*

Much Love,