Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The "Ghost Gardens" Millinery Presentation MBFW New-York, Spring 2015, St.Regis Hotel.

It has been several days since the "Ghost Gardens" Millinery Presentation by my Atelier at MBFW in New-York and the Fashion Week is still in progress with so many fabulous hats walking down the runway - it is hard to keep up with everything! My Atelier has been dealing with overwhelming number of press inquiries post show and so today I have decided to share with you selected images from our Press Package. All images are done by the remarkable Ed Hafizov - "remarkable" doesn't really cut it, but in 6 years of my creative union with Ed, I think I am running out of words to describe how brilliant he really is. The first image contains total look from Anya Caliendo SS2015 Collection. My beautiful model Rozi is wearing "Rouge Azure" couture hat paired with coral double-faced cashmere jacket and silk charmeuse pencil skirt.
Beautiful Rozi is picking out from the dressing room of the Dior Suite, almost ready for Presentation!
Presentation of the "Ghost Gardens" is in full progress and everyone, every single one of our wonderful guests was first drawn to the window to take the best shot of every model and every single little detail.
This is one of those shots that gives me goose bumps. Leonid Gurevich is assisting my beloved model Anastasia (who has been the face of my Atelier for several years) in completing dressing routing before the show. Anastasia is wearing bias cut silk lamme gown created by me and a fabulous silk cape with dramatic collar also created in my Atelier in support of one single hat - "Ghost Gardens".
Beautiful Anastasia. My Muse. Camera loves her. Anastasia has an amazing ability to feel the story of the hat and than deliver the emotion whether it is live or on the editorial images of my Collections.
A little bit more of Anastasia in "Ghost Gardens" - central staple look walking through the gorgeous space of Dior Suite minutes before we opened the doors. "Ghost Gardens' Collection is the result of an inspiration born out of illusive memories, shadows of the past, told in Couture Hats. Walking through the "Ghost Gardens" you will find a recollection of the first love long gone or a forbidden kiss once shared, a place that no longer exists (if only in one's memory) or even a presence of someone you once held close to your heart. In a way, you are walking through the Gardens of magnificent moments you now store in the deepest corner of your heart. And so I shared mine.. 
Our beautiful model M. has been selected to become a new face for my brand and will be representing the "Ghost Garden" Collection in our upcoming Ad Campaign and editorial photo shoot for the Collection.
Here you see one of the models wearing total look by Anya Caliendo SS2015: canary yellow double-faced cashmere jacket and silk organza laired skirt completed by the hat I named "Nicoletta" - one of my favorite songs I heard during my first stay in Paris.
A little bit more of the beautiful "Nicoletta" look. I wanted to create something incredibly chic, light, full of color and full of drama, of course. Find myself a bit tired of ever-present hegemony of Casual.
This hat full of extravagant presence was actually inspired by one of my favorite novels titled " In Search Of Lost Time" by Marcel Proust. Just like Proust's novel, never ending, powerful, full of unforgettable characters through all 7 volumes of the entire novel, I wanted this hat to be almost like a never ending story. Created out of cut aluminum, glazed with very special enamel, this hat took a life of its own and demanded a powerful showcase during the Presentation. Her name is "In the Shadow of Being Young". 
Initially I planned a very special display for this hat, but just few days before the Presentation, I changed my mind. Latrishe Reed, one of my beautiful models modeled it for the Presentation. Latrishe is wearing Nina Ricci gown from my personal wardrobe, completed with Prada Fairy Shoes.
Minutes before the Presentation - fantastic shot - all girls next to the Laduree macaroons. :-)
Latrishe is posing center stage. :-) Everyone fell in love with the set and the hat and the girl. :-)
Besides the main area where models were set to create fashion magic, the separate room of Dior Suite has been dedicated to the stationary presentation of the rest of the "Ghost Garden" hat members displayed on the amazing mannequins of our Sponsor - Goldsmith. I am posting just few images of the stationary set, but I promise to introduce you to every single hat of the "Ghost Gardens" - each and every one has a story and each and every one deserves a moment in the spot light.
Last by not least, I want to say thank you for your tremendous support, thank you for making me feel loved and admired. Thank you for you wonderful, full of warm words privet messages and e-mails - each and every one means a world to me. I promise to respond to every single one of them. Until then, wishing everyone beautiful week ahead! Next time I will share my beautiful guests and more moments from my second Millinery Presentation at MBFW New-York. :-)

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh,my Goodnes..............!!!
This post blowes me totally away,dear Anya:)*
How enchanted beautiful is your creations together!
ADORE coral jacket and the yellow one too:incredibly beautiful shape of the collar and sleeves....
I have not enough complimentary words,Anya!
And this one cape is truly dreamy nice....let me thinking about Dior from the beginning:)*
I love enormously your beautiful hats and absolutely fantatsic Anastasia!
By these peaces of Art I fall in LOVE with a collors,with a shape and implementation all of it!!!

Beyond gorgeous models and photography of Ed Hafizov!
Admire your possipilities and power by all creative ideas....