Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Argyle Jockey" Crystal Hat, SS 2015 by my Atelier.

It has been a while since my last Blog post and I have been incredibly busy with production, new orders, new exciting projects and my students! October Session with my last group of milliners in training is coming to an end. This is the last Session for the year 2014 and I am looking forward to dedicating my time to production process entirely. There are many happenings and hats I would like to share with you here and while I am still working on several blog posts, today, I decided to introduce to you one of the hats of the "Ghost Gardens" Collections SS2015 I named "Argyle Jockey"
I have a slight addiction to working with tiny Swarovski crystals and in this case, the hat was nothing but a walk in the park in terms of creative pleasure. Argyle print is one of the most recognizable prints in the world and I think we all feel its presence whether it is in the elements of the newest apparel Collections or vintage designs going back several decades. I have never saw it to be done on the hat and thought it would be a great idea to give it a try. "Argyle Jockey" ended up being one of the darlings of the Collection.
Of course, in person it looks even better - the sparkles of crystals dance in the light making it impossible to take your eyes off the hat. :-) "Argyle Jockey" became a point of great attention during the "Ghost Gardens" presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New-York. It received so many compliments which made me believe even more that new spin on old classics capable of delivering fantastic results. To date over 50 "Argyle Jockey" hats will be leaving my Atelier to travel to many global destinations. In terms of Swarovski crystals - my life is sparkling with excitement! :-)

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VM Creation Atelier said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE beyond much your creative and SO trendy style,dearest Anya!!!
It's a very perfect Swarovsky little glamour hat.....
Absolutely an eye catching treasure!:)))
With ALL your very busy life,dear Anya-truly amazing you makes so beautiful,so fascinated creations!!!

Wishing you wonderful weekend,
Much Love,