Friday, October 31, 2014

My Ateier For Vogue Germany, November 2014. Happy Halloween! :-)

 It is incredible to see the increase in interest in beautiful hats. Now, more than ever, my Atelier receives requests from editors in stylists for hats to be featured in millinery stories. Yes, millinery stories, not just editorials where hats become a part of the stylist's vision, but where hats become a focal point of the editorial instead. One of hat focused editorials has been released in November issue of Vogue Germany and I am absolutely thrilled to see my "Editor's Beret" on the pages of Vogue. "Editor's Beret" is one of my most favorite hats and one of the most ordered hats too. :-) You can see entire editorial full of gorgeous hats right HERE. It was photographed by brilliant Greg Kadel. Models Natali Eydelman, Eleonora Baumann, Charlotte Kay and Jo Molenaar star in the feature modeling colorful outfits to go with their chic headpieces styled by Nicola Knels. I am wishing everyone beautiful Friday and a Happy Halloween! :-)

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VM Creation Atelier said...

I LOVE,love,love this stunning design of you,dear Anya!
Indeed,the hats as a focal point....
Fantastic creation of you ´´Editor´s Beret´´ looks here more gorgeous!
So nice to see your brilliant designs on the pages the most favorite fashion magazines from the whole world!!!

Have a beautiful Halloween,dear Anya!:)*

Much Love,