Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sharing my "Red Caviar" Lady Gaga moment with you. :-)

Very excited to share with you Lady Gaga moment. Incredible feeling to see Lady Gaga wearing my "Red Caviar" hat on tour on "Cheek To Cheek" album in Europe a week ago. My work is filled with intense production and packed with grueling schedule but is also filled by beautiful people and beautiful moments. This moment is one of those you really never forget, just like you never forget your very first cover or your very first Vogue editorial. Dreams do come true. I can not go into details about anything else regarding Lady Gaga due to a signed confidentiality agreement, but I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled she is enjoying her fabulous hat.  In Lady Gaga's own words: "I am celebrating our " Cheek To Cheek" rave reviews, such a beautiful time. Crack the champagne and the "Caviar crown". Feel very humbled and proud, pure joy from the inside out". :-) / Photographed by MTV


Tracy | Millinery Treasures said...

Brava Anya!! Very well deserved.

VM Creation Atelier said...

So tremendous beautiful,dear Anya!!!
It's a very great onforgettable moments.....Can understand your feelings very good!:)))*
Fantastic,your ''Red Caviar''on Lady Gaga...
Truly amazing,marvelous fantastic news!
CONGRATS,million time Anya!!!
So proud and really happy for you:)))*
Very curious to see more about the traveling your ''Red Caviar'' with Lady Gaga....
Wish you wonderful weekend,dearest Anya!
always yours,

Angela said...

Amazing! Congrats! Love your description too-- perfect summary of the work that goes into creating millinery pieces.