Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The "Silverfall " Hat of "Midsummer's Night Dream" Addition, SS2015

 Once in a while I get carried away. "Silverfall" head piece is a perfect example of it. The challenge of creating drama while working with what is traditionally thought of as compact property - hats, has always been unbelievably attractive to me and I take full advantage of it. "Silverfall" is a sister hat to one of the most requested  by editors hat titled "Silverlake" which I created a while ago for my "Sanctum" Collection. You can see it right HERE. Only true milliner will understand the challenges presented by the design which has large volume of feathers. 20 to be exact when it comes to "Silverfall".
 Color combination of greys and pastel pinks always felt sublime to me and for a while now I wanted to create the head piece infused with this pallet, the head piece that would carry over not only the theme it was inspired by ("Midsummer's Night Dream" play ) but also would create a powerful presence. To me "Silverfall" is an ultimate millinery fantasy removed from the concern of  purpose and function. How lucky am I to be able to work beyond what is necessary and instead indulge, treat myself to creating something simply for the beauty of it...
 The entire "Midsummer's Night Dream" Addition has been a privilege to work with. The "Ghost Gardens" Collection took a second place to it although originally "Ghost Gardens'" was the core of what I have presented for SS2015. This editorial has been styled by me (which believe me has not been easy at all), photographed by Ed Hafizov, Make Up by Roshar. A beautiful month of November is coming to an end. I am wishing all of you beautiful Thanksgiving and will see you back here next week with another beautiful chapeaux I have created for "Midsummer's Night Dream" Addition.

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Breathless gorgeous Creation,Anya!
I mean,it's indeed absolutely great possibility to create not only for the orders,but just only for developing of BEAUTY!!!
Adore your way to think and create your dream,dearest Anya!!!

Much love,
Always your's