Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Garnet Rouge" Hat, "Midsummer's Night Dream" Addition, SS2015 + Phenomenal Elena Bain.My Silk Flower Artist Recommendation.

 "Garnet Rouge" hat, I am introducing to you today, is the final hat of the "Midsummer's Night Dream" Addition, SS2015. For a while now I wanted to create a hat with signature colors of my Atelier: Garnet Red and Fuchsia. If you have been following my Blog for a while now you probably know how much I LOVE turbans. I think of turban as the Rolls-Royce of hats - chic, sophisticated, timeless, chapeaux with endless possibilities, dressed up or down - it always signifies the top of the line. I will choose turban any day over any other chapeaux. :-)
 When "Garnet Rouge" was first put on paper, I knew that the flower gracing it would have to be something absolutely amazing. It had to be velvet and it had to incorporate several shades of red on the head of the flower itself and had to have very special shadowing from light pink into fuchsia into black (to enhance the effect) on the leafs of the rose. It had to be bold, oversized, exaggerated, shameless in a way, in your face, but also graceful, fun, extraordinary.
 The Art of making flowers in Millinery is a separate direction. It goes beyond of your average choices you see widely available via Internet and various haberdashery stores from New-York to London. I almost never feel inspired by those choices. To me they all seem flat, limited in color, the shapes are predominantly deficient and always limited to ordinary designs, too commerical. I always seek much more in terms of just a flower and for my previous Collection my search led me as far as to Paris where for many years now beautiful hands of Legeron  worked to bring my designs to life. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my designs come to life  under the magic spell of Legeron elves. This time, my search led me all the way to Switzerland.
 It is in Switzerland I found extraordinary Elena Bain - rare and true Silk Flower Artist who was capable of bringing my design to life. I am very difficult in production, I do not settle easily, I make on-going changes in the process, I demand precision and high quality, I am ruthless when it comes to the integrity of the design and so I am always overjoyed when I meet someone who has the same high standards. You know that I never ever run promotions on this Blog. If I choose to make recommendation to you it means I stand by the quality of the service. Not only Elena is capable of creating very specific, custom design like it was in my case, but she also has developed an amazing Collection of flower making tutorials on DVD. The tutorials are truly outstanding and I will recommend this tutorials to any of my students any time. You can find them right HERE. Simply look through the collection of what she has to offer and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
And so in a few words, I love creating hats in my Atelier, but I also love fantastic collaborations which produce fabulous results like it happened with "Garnet Rouge". One of my favorite turbans I created to this date. I hope you like it and I hope you are enjoying your Holiday Season!:-)

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Your turbans are always very special,dearest Anya!
In your new creation take the awesome rose absolutely amazing place.....
Such beyond stunning colors and WOW, what a talented lady is Elena!!!
Adore your way to create,Anya!!!
Just PERFECTION in her own face:)))
Sending to you my biggest warm Hugs,
Much Love,