Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Rouge Cardinal" Hat, "Midsummer's Night Dream" Addition, SS2015

 Every season I find myself literally obsessed with one single color. Red, also known as "Cardinal" red on the color chart of red shades became a color I chose to be in love with this season. "Rouge Cardinal" hat I am introducing to you today have been created by accident - I fell in love with the color first and than decided to experiment with a new technique of creating feathers out of leather. There was no initial plan for "Rouge Cardinal", no preliminary sketches, not even an idea on what would it end up looking. The result. however, surpassed all expectations.
 There are some hats that are born out of function and than there are hats that are born out of pure fantasy. "Rouge Cardinal" is a perfect example of it. Painstakingly difficult in production, stubborn, hard to manage and hard to control, but what a beauty! I have learned time ago that some hats are especially difficult to photograph. No matter how much effort you put into it often hats fade away on the images while looking fabulous in real life. "Rouge Cardinal" photographed exceptionally well all due to the fact that Cardinal Red is not the only color which was incorporated into the hat. I know it is difficult to see on the images but if you were to inspect hat closely you would notice lighter and darker shades of burgundy and even a subtle note of violate hue - all contributed to the final result
 I received tremendous response on "Rouge Cardinal" during my "Ghost Gardens"  Collection Presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Everyone seemed to be infatuated with this hat, some of my colleagues who came to see my presentation could not get over the shier work scope on this hat along! And so here it is, photographed by Ed Hafizov, Styled by yours truly, Make Up by Roshar. Its moments like this, when I see editorial images of each hat I realize with clarity how much really I love what I do!
 Wishing everyone wonderful week ahead! While the Atelier continues to be extremely busy with production, I am looking forward to Holiday Season. It is hard to believe that Christmas is only few short weeks away!

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VM Creation Atelier said...

I love all in en every single detail here,Anya!
Such a biggest Red Passion overcoming me....
How enchanted it is: making design haute couture hat from your fantasy!
Unimaginable beautiful color and absolutely stunning form of this hat!!!
Yes,it's indeed very difficult to believe,the Christmas is SO CLOSE....
Thank you million times for share all your beautiful experiences and magnificent designs here!

Much love,