Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Announcing the "Balthazar" SS2016 Collection Presentation at Tranoï New-York with "Morho Amhitryon" Hat.

  "Morpho Amphitryon" hat, created in my Atelier for "Balthazar" SS2016 Collection.
It has been several months since my last Blog post here but today it feels both exciting and refreshing ( I did not realize how much  I missed my own blog!) to be able to return to Blogger with my new announcement for presentation of my SS2016 Collection titled "Balthazar" at the amazing venue TRANOI New-York this coming September. The decision to present at TRANOI happened unexpectedly and just as we were ready to sign with NYFW for the September show. Back in 2011, during one of my first presentations in Paris, I passed by the magnificent building with enormous "TRANOI" sign displayed upfront. Fashionable crowd outside rushing in added that much more mystique to the entire scene. Of course, I immediately went on-line to investigate what  Tranoi stood for and here is what I came to find out: "Tranoï – which literally means “between us” – is an artistic platform with a stern selection of more than 1000 premium designers from all over the world, created for them to meet the most influential fashion ambassadors. This selection makes TRANOI what it is: a valuable source of truly different, international creativity, high-quality and outstanding talent." I remember back than I wanted nothing more than to become a part of it. I applied for participation in 2012 and was politely declined via e-mail stating that : "Your brand is not developed enough at this point. Tranoi team will be watching your progress and will be happy to welcome you once we feel you meet our standard." That was it.

 I think I wrote about rejections of the industry and to me this was one of them. Little did I know: they meant every single word. They did watch! Just as we were finalizing paperwork for NYFW the phone rang. I have to be honest - one of the best phone calls I have ever received! This was TRANOI, calling from Paris with the personal invitation for participation. Of course I said "Yes!" . I am honored to be considered one of the "outstanding talents in the world." And so here you have it. My journey continues taking me places I never thought I would be able to reach...I will write more about inspiration behind the "Balthazar" Collection a bit later. For now, I am happy to unveil our Cover image representing the spirit of the "Balthazar" Collection. On the first image of the post you see veil and hat titled "Morpho Amphitryon", beautifully photographed by my right wing man, Ed Hafizov, styled by yours truly and modeled by  (yes, we do love unexpected choices) my former student and a young milliner with in her own right -Sarah Sokol. Make up by Janis Villanueva .  I have so many things to share with you and will do so in the weeks to come. Today it feels great to come back here, to the very place where several years ago much like counting stars, I counted my dreams in Millinery.
Our model, Sarah Sokol, behind the scenes, photographed on the set, test shoot, wearing "Amhytrion" veil.


Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

I thought it was about Paris when I saw your Instagram, but was slightly confused because I thought you'd be in NY. So it really is Paris!!!!!!!!!!!! And you are going to be in Europe!!!!!! Please let me know if you fancy a meet up (I know you'll be busy, so it's ok if it's a problem). Maybe you'll make it over to London... Anyway... Do keep me posted, Anechka. And yes, I am so very excited and happy for you! xxx

VM Creation Atelier said...

How absolutely excited news,dear Anya!
Your creative development is so beyond wonderful,so absolutely fantastic!:)
I can imagine your feelings and so,so happy for you!!!
Your new creation is special,haute couture Devine is it,without limitation!
Love to see your new post here again:)))
Always yours,

Rhonda Buss said...

Congratulations! Everything you do is so amazing.

Nicole said...

What a delightful surprise that phone call must have been for you!! I am so excited for you! You truly are "one of the outstanding talents in the world", and an inspiration to so many people including me. My passion for millinery has quadrupled because of the magic that is created by you. I cannot wait to meet you and see this collection and your past collections in person very soon!



Anya Caliendo said...

Natalie, no you are right! TRANOI is now also basing not only in Paris but New-York too! I was invited to both but decided to present in New-York this September and in Paris in the Winter. Makes things much easier in terms of transportation of the hats. Presentations are always overloaded with stress so this year I am all about making it as fun and as easy on myself as possible. 5 long years without a single day off will do that to you. :-)

Anya Caliendo said...

Dear Nicole, thank you! It means a world to me. I am used to work in solitary confinement and often afraid to loose prospective. It is much like living in your own head. Reading reaction of people to my hats is always a treasure of an experience to me. I really appreciate it. :-) Thank you!

Fabiola said...

You are an inspiration Anya! I got goosebumps reading this post! I am super happy for you! You have worked very hard to build your brand and your tenacity and passion to the art of couture millinery has brought you the harvest. :)