Friday, August 28, 2015

The "Balthazar" Head Dress, "Balthazar" SS2016 Collection by my Atelier.

 With just few short weeks remaining until my Presentation at TRANOI, I would like to start introducing you to "Balthazar" SS2016  - Collection which has been in development for nearly 8 months with every single hat and headpiece designed to tell a story. It has been one of the most complicated Collections for me so far not only because the design of many hats incorporated meticulously planned and executed details, but also because it presented numerous very technical difficulties in execution along the way. I believe "Balthazar" is a statement Collection representative of my personal evolution in the Art of Millinery...

And so here is the "Balthazar" headpiece: dark, fabulous, grand transcending the spirit of the entire "Balthazar" Collection. As soon as our newest Look Book was created and sent out to the selected stylists, with in a week time"Balthazar" left the Atelier. it has been immediately requested for a very special project the result of which I am hoping to share with you soon. Since the "Balthazar" hat will be absent until the end of September, I decided to spotlight it today. Next time I will post about the inspiration behind "Balthazar" 2016 Collection but right now all I can tell you: it is full of Millinery surprises. :-)


Nicole said...

OMG Anya, it's breathtaking!!! I cannot wait to hear about your special project!! This headpiece deserves to be a part of something extraordinary, it is absolutely gorgeous! I was born with the last name Balthazar, so this collection holds a special place in my heart. I am eager to hear your inspiration behind "Balthazar"!



VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh yes....:)
Want to hear whole story behind this beyond gorgeous and very special masterpiece,dearest Anya!!!
Looks spectacular,looks intriguing,and truly-evokes a very special feelings to the surface!!!
Colored feathers and very soft tulle makes your creation extraordinary beautiful!!!
Much love,