Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Ice Noir" hat, "Balthazar" SS2016 Collection.

 I often get asked what is my most favorite hat I ever worked on. The question irritates me.  I always have difficulty responding to it because, well, I don't create hats I don't love. They all are very special to me each in a different way. Some hats, however, demand more attention and have capacity to present challenge after challenge along the way. In my Atelier hats behave almost like live creatures during production, they speak to me: "No way I am carrying this tiny bow on top of me, make it larger!" OR "I don't like this angle, place it to the left." or even "F*ck off, I am sick of you!" Lol  There is no point for me to tell you that I am absolutely fanatical about Millinery Art ( I think you know it by now) and so the more challenges in design I face, the more obsessed I become about the hat in progress. "Ice Noir" was one of the hats from my new SS2016 "Balthazar" Collection, I could not help but get obsessed over.
 Black in general is a difficult color to work with: it does not photograph well unless the hat incorporates different textures to give it more dimension and definition. In attempt to see beauty in the most unlikely places inspiration for this hat came to me from legendary brutality of Russian winters (oh how I miss them!). "Ice Noir" to me had to be both dark, immensely glamorous, have unusual construction and look unlike any hat in black you have seen before. This is one of those hats that definitely take your breath away. I count it as my personal accomplishment in away. After all, they say that everything has been done before in Fashion. :-)
Photographed by Ed Hafizov, Styled by your truly. Make up - KUMA. All rights reserved to @anyacaliendo .

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Spectacular,breathless and absolutely adorable creation of you,dearest Anya!
I can understand your feelings about each and everyone hat,which you create....
They are different and they are speaking,that's SO true!
Stunning and very special piece of art: the shape,the idea behind of it:)
And.... Beyond stunning your Haute couture jacket by!!!
Beautiful,love ALL in your creation,bravo!!!
Send to you my inner embrace,
Always your's,