Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"Maharaja" Head Dress. "Balthazar" SS2016 Collection.

 Sharing  with you today one of the sets from the editorial for my new SS2016 Collection titled "Balthazar" featuring fabulous "Maharaja" head dress. Inspiration for the Collection came from the gift I received several months ago. It arrived to me from Milan, carefully packed in a beautiful gold box. Inside was a Balthazar bottle - a 12 liter bottle of Champagne. "In vine there is truth" and in this case Champagne became a great inspiration behind eloquent legends, each told in couture hats. "Maharaja" head dress became one of the staples of the "Balthazar" Collection.
 Everything about this head dress is unique: starting from materials used and ending with delicate crystal embroidery on the center extension of the hat. Initially, there were several versions of embroidery pattern developed. I wanted to incorporate  rich pallet of purple, light pink, ruby and white Swarovski crystals  to create a very strong focal point. Beautiful Bird Of Paradise plumes were died scarlet and than fuchsia to achieve intense red color. In addition, I was incredibly lucky to obtain very rare silk velvet in sparkling ruby brought form France. There were only 3 yards of it available and I took them all!
 "Maharaja" head dress was inspired by India, the country of jeweled colors, mysterious culture, amazing turbans, spices, a country of great Kings - Maharajas. One of my most favorite hats to this day. One of a kind head dress, that will never be recreated again.

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,dearest Anya!
How excited to see your new head piece creation!
Absolutely fascinating item behind of your creation and SO great colours and the quality of fabrics there for....
Devine shape of the turban hat is supported by bizarre Zwarovsky cristalls, breathless nice.....
It' s not enough to say just " nice"....
I am amazed by your extraordinary talent,dear Anya!!!
I can imagine my feelings if it would be possible to see your designs in a real life:)))
I know for shure.... My eyes should be coming full of a happy tears:)

Much love,