Friday, December 4, 2015

My Atelier For Lady Gaga + The incredible journey of the "Bow Supreme" hat.

 Lady Gaga was spotted Monday arriving from London to JFK wearing the "Bow Supreme" hat created in my Atelier. Earlier in the month we have received a very special inquiry from Lady Gaga's team to send over hats for editorial and cover story in Billboard magazine. The Issue was preparing to announce that Lady Gaga is Billboard's choice for a Woman of the Year annual title. The stylist on set ended up going in different direction and not using any hats at all but "Bow Supreme" caught everyone's attention on the set and as a result was commissioned by Lady Gaga. Well, because how else do you travel, people, other than while wearing fabulous oversized bow? :-)
 I wrote before and I will write again how incredibly privileged I am to work with the global phenomenon we know as Lady Gaga and her immensely, insanely talented team headed by Brandon Maxwell. It is not just the fact that I am able to see my hats worn by the singer and artist I admire so much, but also shier fact of continuous consideration and acknowledgement of your talent and craftsmanship by the best in business. It doesn't get any better than this. So very grateful.
 My "Bow Supreme" hat is having quite a momentum. :-) The idea is very simple - large oversized silk bow, bias cut, beautifully draped  - not the most complicated work I have done by far. But sometimes the most simple ideas have the largest presence. With in the past few weeks "Bow Supreme" have been photographed for Vogue China, SCHON Magazine, Haunted Magazine and, of course, found home with Lady Gaga and on top of it all, not a day goes by that we do not receive new requests for "Bow Supreme" in many different colors and versions. On the image below, you can see "Bow Supreme" styled as a collar piece. :-) Well, here in the Atelier, we decided that "Bow Supreme" is totally taking an honorable title "The Hat Of The Month". :-)

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