Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Gelsomina" Haute Hat, SS2017 "The Fellini Files Collection. NYFW.

 "Gelsomina" hat has been inspired by Fellini's movie "La Strada"  - one of perhaps most dramatic movies of his career. He later referred to creation of "La Starada" as one of the most painful and torturous processes in his entire cinematic career. I think it is also in part because the leading role, the role of Gelosmina was so brilliantly played by his beloved wife Giulietta Masina. The film portrays a brutish strongman played by Anthony Quinn and the naïve young woman played by Giulietta Masina whom he buys from her mother and takes with him on the road - all ends in tragedy. Subsequently, "La Strada"  has become "one of the most influential films ever made", according to the American Film Institute. It won the inaugural Academy Award For Best Foreign Language Film in 1957 and was placed fourth in the 1992 British Film Institute's directors' list of cinema's top 10 films. If you have not have a pleasure of seeing "La Strada" I encourage you to put it on your "to do" list.
 The complex character of poor Gelsomina gave me an incentive of creating an equally complicated hat. Free form, liquid, dark, transperant,  emotional, dramatic: the hat that would look very different from every angel. The hat that would be able easily conceal the face of the woman giving her opportunity to be discreet in her vulnerability.
 The hat demanded a very special, unique kind of flower. Oh no, not just any flower one could find. But the flower (rose) which was as transparent and dramatic as the hat itself. And so I turned to the magnificent Lady Elena Bain  who, once again, was able to see the same vision I had in my mind for "Gelsomina" . On the set of the photo shoot n St.Regis hotel this was the hat that stopped everyone in their tracks. I saw tears in the eyes of my team when "Gelsomina" was first unveiled. It evoked a  deep emotional  response and every person on the set stood in silence for a brief moment transcending the effect of "Gelsomina" on to very personal long forgotten moments in their lives...
Photographed by Ed Hafizov, Model - Anastasia Safonof , Make Up Artists - Roshar. Styled by Anya Caliendo. All rights reserved to "Anya Caliendo. Couture Millinery Atelier".

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"Casanova" Haute Mask, SS2017 "The Fellini Files" Collection. NYFW.

 One of the key pieces form SS2017 "The Fellini Files Collection is the mask/headdress I named "Casanova" inspired by the Fellini's "Casanova" story. "By using a range of visual effects, Fellini attempted to depict Casanova as a debauched figure incapable of displaying any genuine emotion. Fellini’s dislike of the character was well documented, and in one interview he even referred to exposing "the void" of Casanova's life. Consequently, Fellini’s interpretation goes against the traditional notion of Casanova as an enlightened gadabout. The original script was very brutal on the historical figure. It wasn't until Fellini shot the scene of Casanova and the nun that he began to sympathize with Casanova's inability to love, giving him the character of the mechanical doll and the dream ending.".....
Fellini's "Casanova" is one of my favorite movies to date. I have seen more times than I can count and when it came to the attempt to design a headdress inspired by the main character I felt that it has to be done in the form of magnificent mask, slightly grotesque in its shape but possessing a strong presence. It is even more beautiful in person - images unfortunately do not capture the metallic silk effect it has. One of my top favorite pieces to date.
Photographed by Ed Hafizov, Make up by Roshar, Model - Anastasia Safonof. Styling by yours truly. All rights reserved to @AnyaCaliendo .

Friday, September 30, 2016

"The Unicorn Queen" hat, SS2017 "The Fellini Files Collection" . NYFW.

 I feel every hat I create is a story with in its own right. Complete. Beautiful and unfinished in a sense ... Full of details which allow your imagination to take over and create your own beginning and your own end. :-) "The Unicorn Queen" hat is just that - a hat filled with beautiful details. The Unicorn itself has been created to fit the hat I carried in mind forever now.
 One of my favorite hats to date and definitely so much fun to work on. Gorgeous Lilly of the Valley flowers which, by the way, are one of the most demanding and challenging flowers to create, has been beautifully executed for me by Lady Elena Bain. Little branches with tiny pink buds came courtesy of French vintage stock as well as silk French veil. :-) Every single guest of my Presentation gasped with excitement at the very first sight of "The Unicorn Queen". :-)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"Josephine" Hat, SS2017 "The Fellini Files" Collection. NYFW

 There is a very thin line between Theatrical Millinery and Couture Millinery and a lot of the times I keep restraining myself from crossing it over into the Theater. This, time, however, I decided to embrace the idea of creating a hat that would be unapologetically theatrical. I wanted to create "napoleon" style hat for a very long time now. And so I created "Josephine" :-)
 Despite its  obvious French origin, inspiration for the "Josephine" came to me from Fellini movies. Not just one but several! One of the signature motives through the entire body of work by Fellini is his love for parades. In fact, I can not recall a single movie by Federico Fellini where at list several of the scenes are not shot against the parade background. " Inspired by a childhood love of the circus, Fellini used parades in all his films--not structured parades but informal ones, people moving together toward a common goal or to the same music, some in the foreground, some farther away. "8 1/2" ends with a parade that has deliberate circus overtones, with a parade of musicians, major characters, and the grotesques, eccentrics and "types" that Fellini loved to cast in his films." - Roger Ebert.
 And so the entire theatrical presence of "Josephine" was absolutely fine with me. I used the most beautiful, finest Italian lace in delicate ivory and gold. If you are to meet "Josephine" in person, it would grit you with  fountain of sparkles. :-)  The outtake shots from my SS2017 Look Book photographed by Ed Hafizov. Model - Anastasia Safonof. Make Up - Roshar.

Monday, September 19, 2016

"Florence" Hat, SS2017 "The Fellini Files" Collection. NYFW.

 One of the hats that took everyone's breath away was this beautiful "Florence" hat created entirely out of divine silk poppy flowers. Inspired by the city of Florence in Italy, one of the places Fellini adored through his entire life. I know that the picture is worth a thousand words and so here it is - the shots from our Haute Hats addition to the Atelier's Look Book. Photographed by Ed Hafizov, Styled by yours truly. Model - Anastasia Safonof. Make up artist - brilliant Roshar. I have the best creative team one can only wish for. :-)

Friday, September 16, 2016

My Presentation Of SS2017 Collection of Haute Hats At New-York Fashion Week. Like A Dream.

 If you are following me on Instagram (@anyacaliendo ) than you probably have seen images of my SS2017 Presentation at NYFW. Today I am posting few more images in larger format to illustrate the spirit of Presentation. Held in the majestic Pompadour room of The Laduree Restaurant in Soho, Presentation ended up being one of the best I have ever put together in terms of styling, location and of course Collection itself. With in the weeks to come I will introduce you to every hat of "The Fellini Files" in more detail. Each one of them have an incredible source of inspiration behind it. For example, the image above is of the "La Dolce Vita" hat inspired by Fellini's Muse Anita Ekberg.
 The "Fellini's Roma" headdress I wrote about in my previous post right HERE, sent the shockwaves through the audience. It is difficult to see the grand scale of it just by looking at the photograph, but to give you an idea - the model, beautiful Hanna, stood tall at 5.11 ft. before we fitted her into the 6 inch high platforms and dressed her in "Fellini's Roma" which measures at the astonishing 5ft tall by itself.
 This time the Collection contained a tremendous range of styles from editorial to every day wearable hats. Everything about the Presentation was incredible light and chic. I chose to dress models into beautiful tutus by Repetto Paris. Some also wore pastel pink leotards, while others wore Bow tops designed by me. The interior of the lace became such an incredible framing for "The Fellini Files", such a perfect match that to this minute, if you would ask me about any other alternative location, I would have to say Laduree. Well, unless we are talking about Paris or Milan.
 Another fabulous hat you see on the image above is named "Giulietta Degly Spiriti". It was inspired by the Fellini's movie the title of which in English translation sounds like "Juliet Of The Spirits" - one of my favorite motion pictures by Fellini starring the love of his life incomparable Giulietta Masina.
 "The Fellini Files" also included my new signature design of mini  button boaters. This shape has been developed in my Atelier and a special block has been made to accommodate measurements and shape. I have also debuted my signature method of trimming the edge of the brim. This little pink button boater is a part of the "Ferrara" family: a mini Collection of boaters in 5 beautiful colors. Each one of them has a matching Swarovski pearl strands wrapping the edge of the brim along with silk organdi and silk velvet ribbons.
 One of the showstoppers of the Presentation was this white hat I titled "Siciliana",  made out pure white cashmere. It was literally floating above the room.
 There are so many more beautiful hats to introduce to you and I will do it, as always, with great pleasure. :-) This Collection has been created through the most challenging year of my life and yet, I feel it is the strongest Collection of Haute Hats I ever presented. And just like the year before I am proud to say: no sewing machines, no glue, no hot glue gun. A thread, a needle and a pair of hands.

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Grand Dame Of "The Fellini Files" Collection - "Fellini's Roma" Headdress.

 The NYFW Presentation of "The Fellini Files" Collection is scheduled for tomorrow and with a just a few hours to go and complete mayhem here in the Atelier packing, prepping and finalizing details with my team, I thought it would be an appropriate time too introduce to you the Grand Dame of "The Fellini Files" Collection -  headdress I titled "Fellini's Roma".
 "Fellini's Roma" took staggering 16 weeks of production, countless hours and  the most exquisite materials one could find. Inspired by the Fellini's vision of the opulence of Rome, its history and its cultural presence I wanted to make sure I pay tribute the Rome of the Fellini. The headdress bearing a shape of the Pope's headgear, features complex Catholic Cross  embroidery in 3D with the 100 year old ruby cabochon in the center, absolutely insane length of hand died peacock feathers and 5 unique roses. I finally resolved to use a half a yard of precious Schiaparelli fuchsia velvet (I discovered and bought in Paris years ago) in combination with multiple lairs of gold Italian lace.
 This is one of those pieces that I know I will be proud of years later. It pays a powerful tribute not only to Federico Fellini and Fellini's Rome but, I dare to think, to the majestic beauty of Millinery Art.
 All images are copyrighted to @AnyaCaliendo . "The Fellini Roma"  headdress photographed by Ed Hafizov. Model - Anastasia Safonof.. Make up artist - Roshar.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Introducing Our Official Sponsor For NYFW Presentation Of "The Fellini Files" SS2017 Collection. Repetto Paris.

 With only few short days to go before the Atelier's  NYFW Presentation of "The Fellini Files" SS2017 Collection it is my great pleasure to introduce to you our official partner Repetto Paris - a brand I have been in love with for as long as I have been in love with Ballet itself (which is, really, forever). Going beyond the beauty of classical ballet, Repetto aims to highlight authentic moments of grace. Everything about Repetto spells beauty, freedom of movement represented in the most luxurious ballet wear one can possibly imaging. And even if you have absolutely nothing to do with ballet, I promise you will fall in love with one of the Repetto's signature ballet flats. In 1947, upon her son Roland Petit’s suggestion, Rose Repetto designed her first ballet shoes in her workshop at 22 rue de la Paix, a stone’s throw from Opera Garnier. Her success was immediate.
In 1956, Brigitte Bardot immortalized the red pair of Cendrillons specially designed for her in 'Et Dieu créa la femme', a famous film directed by Roger Vadim. She was an excellent ballerina and confided to Rose Repetto that she wished to wear a pair of shoes in town as comfortable as her soft ballet shoes. The first 'stiched and returned' pair was designed in a sensual carmine red. Very feminine as they subtly unveil the beginning of the toes, the first Mythics still embody the incandescent personality of the film star. I invite you to visit Repetto's official website at
www.repetto.com to see an amazing Collection of fabulous things. :-)
 When preparing this announcement, I decided to pair up Repetto's beautiful image with one of my new designs from SS2017 Collection - a complete over face mask covered in tiny, handmade silk and velvet flowers. I had so much fun creating this piece! :-) It reminded me of everything happy and light, infused with color and joy...Sending much love your way! Stay tuned for upcoming coverage of "The Fellini Files" SS2017 NYFW Presentation. 7 days to go!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Announcing NYFW Presentation Of "The Fellini Files" SS2017 Collection.

 It is my immense pleasure to announce an upcoming Presentation of my new SS2017 Collection of Haute Hats I titled "The Fellini Files". It will be presented in just a few short days as a part of the official schedule of NYFW  - an honor I never take lightly. Creating "The Fellini Files" became tremendously  challenging, demanding but at the same time liberating and wondrous journey the memory of which will stay with me forever. There are so many people to Thank for making this project become a reality, for believing in my dream and supporting the release of "The Fellini Files."...To those (you know who you are) please, know, this would never be possible without you.

"The Fellini Files" is deeply emotional and very personal interpretation of the cinematic conversations by the legendary Federico Fellini told in couture hats. Growing up in the Soviet Union, extremely closed and restrictive society, for me Fellini movies were a very rare source of beauty, visual inspiration, a precious glimpse into another world. I grew up learning how to look at the world through Fellini's eyes. Since it is such a rich, incredibly deep and very serious material, I knew I had responsibility to wait to pay my respect to the Master until I felt I was strong enough as an artist to create a Collection that would measure up to the level of the name of Fellini. This time is now.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Kickstarter Campaign For My New SS2017 The "Fellini Files" Collection.

 Dear Friends, few days ago I launched my first Kickstarter Campaign in hopes to raise funds for the completion and release of my new Collection I titled the "Fellini Files."  2016 has been an extremely challenging year in many respects and instead of trying to word it out here, in my Blog, I invite you to watch the video, read the text and find a place in your heart to support it any way you can. You can see the entire Campaign right HERE. Through this experience  I have been taught several key lessons with one of them being : asking for help when you truly need it does not make you weak. It does not deprive you of dignity or pride. Instead in the end you come to discover how loved you are and how many beautiful, kind, generous hearts surround you. And so from the darkness into the light, I believe with all my heart that everything is possible!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Hats Of My Atelier In Fabulous Fashion Drawings.

 One of my favorite things is to see my hats inspire other artists. In a way it is a discovery of the new dimension of the work you've done. This is exactly the case with the fashion drawing of the "Maharaja" turban I designed for SS2016 "Balthazar" Collection. I am absolutely in love with the illustration of "Maharaja" by the amazingly talented Anya Dee +Anya Dee . :-) Thank you, Anechka!
 Absolutely superb work! ...A little while ago fantastic illustrator and artist San Siguenza created a beautiful interpretation of my "The Survival Of The MousT Wanted" crystal ears hat and I have been in love with it ever since. :-) I never got a chance to share it with you. :-) I think it is so cool! Definitely one of my top favorite illustrations to date. :-) Having been in business of Millinery for some time now, I just realized what an amazing collection of illustrations I have. I hope, one day, to publish all of it. Until then, I will keep introducing you to the new illustrations right here. :-)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Ester To All Catholics Of the World!

Wishing Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating it this coming Sunday with the periwinkle version of the "Imperial Egg" headdress I created in my Atelier.
“If man had his way, the plan of redemption would be an endless and bloody conflict. In reality, salvation was bought not by Jesus' fist, but by His nail-pierced hands; not by muscle but by love; not by vengeance but by forgiveness; not by force but by sacrifice. Jesus Christ our Lord surrendered in order that He might win; He destroyed His enemies by dying for them and conquered death by allowing death to conquer Him.” - A.W. Tozer  ... Ando so I am celebrating a day of light a day when the hope for the entire humanity was born because He has risen . Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Atelier's Recent Press: Numero Paris, French Revue De Modes , L'Officiel Indonesia, Zoo Magazine Issue #50 + The Magic Lens Of Lindsay Adler.

 While  new updates to  my official website are in progress, I thought I would share with you the latest Press Atelier received for the month of March. Really a very diverse pool of editorial work. Top two images featuring "Alabastra" and "Garnet Rouge" hats were beautifully photographed by the amazing Lindsay Adler famous for her unique take on fashion lighting and experimental use of various techniques. I adore both. They remind me of night and day....
 One of the top fashion French Magazine "French Revue De Modes" featured our "Bow Supreme" in the editorial for March 2016 Issue.
 Photographed by wonderful Yana Kamps. I love white and black pallet painted with the headpiece from my Atelier and fabulous clothes by Saint Laurent.
 One of my favorite editorials for the month of March came courtesy of Numero Paris.
 I mean it is always a difficult task to put a modern spin on classic pill box hat, but I think it has been done amazingly well by the stylist Bill Mullen. Photographed by the legendary Greg Kadel.
 L'Officiel Indonesia, March 2016 Issue featured two of the hats created in my Atelier: "Red" twisted fedora and jeweled "MousT Wanted" headpiece  which still remains one of the most requested pieces.
 "Closed Circuit" editorial has been beautifully styled by Jahulie Elizalde and photographed by Paul Nacer.

 Finally, amazing Zoo Magazine celebrated its 50th Issue with 5 amazing covers and fabulous editorials.
 One of which is featuring the "Asylum" hat (currently in preparation to be displayed at Modemuseum Hasselt, Haute-A-Porter Exhibition) and "Ballets Russes" feathered veil beautifully modeled by Daphne Groeneveld. Photographed by David Roemer and styled by the phenomenal  Joanne Blades.