Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The "Fire Bird" Headdress, "Balthazar" SS2016 Collection.

 "Fire Bird" head dress of my "Balthazar" SS2016 Collection  is, probably, one of the top favorite hats I have worked on to date and, without a doubt, one of the most technically challenging head dresses I ever created in my Atelier. I first put it into preliminary drawings back in 2013 but decided to "sit on it" because general idea was still lacking details and I wanted to give myself some time to make sure that when I go into production of "Fire Bird", fabulous details of it will be well thought through and fully developed. And so here it is. Inspiration for the creation of "Fire Bird" came from Russian Folklore where the Fire Bird is always a magical glowing bird from a Faraway Land. No one ever knew where it lives but many dreamt of capturing it knowing that it brings both a blessing and a doom to its captor.

In every single Fairy Tale the Fire Bird is described as a large bird with majestic plumage that glows with red and orange light like a bonfire that is just past the turbulent flame. The feathers do not cease glowing even when removed, and one feather can light a large room if not concealed. To me it was always such a magnificent image - a room lit by a a single feather of a magic creature. The story of the Firebird inspired many literary works, but  perhaps most famous production of the "Firebird" was done by Sergei Diaghilev of Ballet Russe who commissioned composer Igor Stravinsky to create the enormously popular large-scale ballet score known as The Firebird. I lost count of how many times I saw the production of  The Firebird" ballet and every single time it was experience no words can describe.
 And so it is once again, I find myself inspired by tremendous cultural heritage of Russia, whether it is literature of Russian Ballet.  I will never be able to describe to you how much love, pain and joy went into creation of the "Fire Bird". I hope you love it as much as I loved working on the piece. Adaptation of this nature to Couture always run a serious risk of looking too costume. I wanted to create a Couture piece: magnificent, rich in detail, breathtaking just like the Fire Bird itself.  One might say, I tried to capture my own Fire Bird hoping that it will bring me a blessing. :-)


Lynda Marie said...

It's absolutely incredible!! I am consistently blown away by what you create, but this..... It is gut wrenchingly beautiful!
I hope to see this piece in real time someday soon!

Tracy | Millinery Treasures said...

Wow Anya!