Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"The Two Fridas" Editorial, Part 1. Frida Kahlo.

 Frida Kahlo to this day remains one of the most prolific sources of inspiration in Fashion. Not a year goes by that you don't see stunning editorials in various Vogues dedicated to Frida and her unique, very authentic style. I have been wanting to create my own version of Frida Kahlo inspired editorial for a long time now. Ultimately it became my personal Anthem not only to the artist herself, but to the beauty of floral crowns and crystal encrusted veils - one of the most beloved options in modern day headgear so much so that, in my opinion, floral headbands made a list of classic millinery creations. They will never go out of style and they will always be a what I call a "forever piece" - so very chic, so elegant and feminine and above all a subject to so many interpretations.

My "Two Fridas" editorial was inspired by the namesake painting "The Two Fridas" created by Frida Kahlo in 1939. This is probably one of my most favorite self-portraits by Frida. The year of 1939 was the year of unrecoverable heartbreak for Frida - she just divorced  the love of her life Diego Rivera, the acclaimed Mexican muralist. You can almost see the pain of her loss in this painting, it is palpable, it is physical, very raw...One Frida sits on the left of the painting; this is the Frida that was rejected by Rivera. Her blouse is ripped open, exposing her broken and bleeding heart. The Frida to the right is the Frida that Rivera still loves, has a heart that is still whole. She holds a small portrait of Rivera in her hand. After her death, this small portrait of Rivera was found amon Kahlo’s belongings, and is now on display at the Museum of Frida Kahlo in Mexico.

And so for my editorial I have created three sets of  "The Two Fridas", each one of the sets is celebrating the spirit of love and unique style Frida is so famous for. Here you see "Frida In Sapphire" and "Frida In Emerald" . Editorial was photographed by Ed Hafizov and styled by me. Every single silk flower created for each of the floral bands was created in my Atelier. It has been a labor of love for me and a bit of an emotional journey too because every subject I work on in my Atelier becomes more than a subject of research, it becomes a subject of deep affection not only for the source of inspiration itself, but also for the Art of Millinery.

Below is "The Two Fridas" oil on canvas by Frida Kahlo, 1939.

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