Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Atelier's Recent Press: Numero Paris, French Revue De Modes , L'Officiel Indonesia, Zoo Magazine Issue #50 + The Magic Lens Of Lindsay Adler.

 While  new updates to  my official website are in progress, I thought I would share with you the latest Press Atelier received for the month of March. Really a very diverse pool of editorial work. Top two images featuring "Alabastra" and "Garnet Rouge" hats were beautifully photographed by the amazing Lindsay Adler famous for her unique take on fashion lighting and experimental use of various techniques. I adore both. They remind me of night and day....
 One of the top fashion French Magazine "French Revue De Modes" featured our "Bow Supreme" in the editorial for March 2016 Issue.
 Photographed by wonderful Yana Kamps. I love white and black pallet painted with the headpiece from my Atelier and fabulous clothes by Saint Laurent.
 One of my favorite editorials for the month of March came courtesy of Numero Paris.
 I mean it is always a difficult task to put a modern spin on classic pill box hat, but I think it has been done amazingly well by the stylist Bill Mullen. Photographed by the legendary Greg Kadel.
 L'Officiel Indonesia, March 2016 Issue featured two of the hats created in my Atelier: "Red" twisted fedora and jeweled "MousT Wanted" headpiece  which still remains one of the most requested pieces.
 "Closed Circuit" editorial has been beautifully styled by Jahulie Elizalde and photographed by Paul Nacer.

 Finally, amazing Zoo Magazine celebrated its 50th Issue with 5 amazing covers and fabulous editorials.
 One of which is featuring the "Asylum" hat (currently in preparation to be displayed at Modemuseum Hasselt, Haute-A-Porter Exhibition) and "Ballets Russes" feathered veil beautifully modeled by Daphne Groeneveld. Photographed by David Roemer and styled by the phenomenal  Joanne Blades.

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