Thursday, September 1, 2016

Announcing NYFW Presentation Of "The Fellini Files" SS2017 Collection.

 It is my immense pleasure to announce an upcoming Presentation of my new SS2017 Collection of Haute Hats I titled "The Fellini Files". It will be presented in just a few short days as a part of the official schedule of NYFW  - an honor I never take lightly. Creating "The Fellini Files" became tremendously  challenging, demanding but at the same time liberating and wondrous journey the memory of which will stay with me forever. There are so many people to Thank for making this project become a reality, for believing in my dream and supporting the release of "The Fellini Files."...To those (you know who you are) please, know, this would never be possible without you.

"The Fellini Files" is deeply emotional and very personal interpretation of the cinematic conversations by the legendary Federico Fellini told in couture hats. Growing up in the Soviet Union, extremely closed and restrictive society, for me Fellini movies were a very rare source of beauty, visual inspiration, a precious glimpse into another world. I grew up learning how to look at the world through Fellini's eyes. Since it is such a rich, incredibly deep and very serious material, I knew I had responsibility to wait to pay my respect to the Master until I felt I was strong enough as an artist to create a Collection that would measure up to the level of the name of Fellini. This time is now.

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VM Creation Atelier said...

How absolutely great and amazing news,dearest Anya!

Million really heartwarming inner hugs to you!!!❤️
How absolutely very special is this item......
Incredibly excited and SO happy for dear,dear Anya, CONGRATS!!!
Such TRUE, stunningly good and wise words of Federico Fellini.

Much love,