Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"Josephine" Hat, SS2017 "The Fellini Files" Collection. NYFW

 There is a very thin line between Theatrical Millinery and Couture Millinery and a lot of the times I keep restraining myself from crossing it over into the Theater. This, time, however, I decided to embrace the idea of creating a hat that would be unapologetically theatrical. I wanted to create "napoleon" style hat for a very long time now. And so I created "Josephine" :-)
 Despite its  obvious French origin, inspiration for the "Josephine" came to me from Fellini movies. Not just one but several! One of the signature motives through the entire body of work by Fellini is his love for parades. In fact, I can not recall a single movie by Federico Fellini where at list several of the scenes are not shot against the parade background. " Inspired by a childhood love of the circus, Fellini used parades in all his films--not structured parades but informal ones, people moving together toward a common goal or to the same music, some in the foreground, some farther away. "8 1/2" ends with a parade that has deliberate circus overtones, with a parade of musicians, major characters, and the grotesques, eccentrics and "types" that Fellini loved to cast in his films." - Roger Ebert.
 And so the entire theatrical presence of "Josephine" was absolutely fine with me. I used the most beautiful, finest Italian lace in delicate ivory and gold. If you are to meet "Josephine" in person, it would grit you with  fountain of sparkles. :-)  The outtake shots from my SS2017 Look Book photographed by Ed Hafizov. Model - Anastasia Safonof. Make Up - Roshar.


Tracy | Millinery Treasures said...

My hat's off to you Anya. Beautiful!!

Anya Caliendo said...

Tracy, thank you so very much! :-) I am absolutely thrilled the Collection has been released and people seem to love it. I personally think, this is my best Collection to date. :-)