Friday, September 16, 2016

My Presentation Of SS2017 Collection of Haute Hats At New-York Fashion Week. Like A Dream.

 If you are following me on Instagram (@anyacaliendo ) than you probably have seen images of my SS2017 Presentation at NYFW. Today I am posting few more images in larger format to illustrate the spirit of Presentation. Held in the majestic Pompadour room of The Laduree Restaurant in Soho, Presentation ended up being one of the best I have ever put together in terms of styling, location and of course Collection itself. With in the weeks to come I will introduce you to every hat of "The Fellini Files" in more detail. Each one of them have an incredible source of inspiration behind it. For example, the image above is of the "La Dolce Vita" hat inspired by Fellini's Muse Anita Ekberg.
 The "Fellini's Roma" headdress I wrote about in my previous post right HERE, sent the shockwaves through the audience. It is difficult to see the grand scale of it just by looking at the photograph, but to give you an idea - the model, beautiful Hanna, stood tall at 5.11 ft. before we fitted her into the 6 inch high platforms and dressed her in "Fellini's Roma" which measures at the astonishing 5ft tall by itself.
 This time the Collection contained a tremendous range of styles from editorial to every day wearable hats. Everything about the Presentation was incredible light and chic. I chose to dress models into beautiful tutus by Repetto Paris. Some also wore pastel pink leotards, while others wore Bow tops designed by me. The interior of the lace became such an incredible framing for "The Fellini Files", such a perfect match that to this minute, if you would ask me about any other alternative location, I would have to say Laduree. Well, unless we are talking about Paris or Milan.
 Another fabulous hat you see on the image above is named "Giulietta Degly Spiriti". It was inspired by the Fellini's movie the title of which in English translation sounds like "Juliet Of The Spirits" - one of my favorite motion pictures by Fellini starring the love of his life incomparable Giulietta Masina.
 "The Fellini Files" also included my new signature design of mini  button boaters. This shape has been developed in my Atelier and a special block has been made to accommodate measurements and shape. I have also debuted my signature method of trimming the edge of the brim. This little pink button boater is a part of the "Ferrara" family: a mini Collection of boaters in 5 beautiful colors. Each one of them has a matching Swarovski pearl strands wrapping the edge of the brim along with silk organdi and silk velvet ribbons.
 One of the showstoppers of the Presentation was this white hat I titled "Siciliana",  made out pure white cashmere. It was literally floating above the room.
 There are so many more beautiful hats to introduce to you and I will do it, as always, with great pleasure. :-) This Collection has been created through the most challenging year of my life and yet, I feel it is the strongest Collection of Haute Hats I ever presented. And just like the year before I am proud to say: no sewing machines, no glue, no hot glue gun. A thread, a needle and a pair of hands.


Tracy | Millinery Treasures said...

Your "little hands" worked magic again Anya. Brava!!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Your Siciliana is breathless creation.... Really is!
I have not enaugh words to describe my admiring of your extremely great work!
Work,full of awesome spirit and breathless gorgeous details, which makes your designs extraordinary special and beautiful....❤️❤️❤️
Yes, hier is your SPIRIT, congratulation again and again!!!
Much love,
Always yours,