Friday, September 30, 2016

"The Unicorn Queen" hat, SS2017 "The Fellini Files Collection" . NYFW.

 I feel every hat I create is a story with in its own right. Complete. Beautiful and unfinished in a sense ... Full of details which allow your imagination to take over and create your own beginning and your own end. :-) "The Unicorn Queen" hat is just that - a hat filled with beautiful details. The Unicorn itself has been created to fit the hat I carried in mind forever now.
 One of my favorite hats to date and definitely so much fun to work on. Gorgeous Lilly of the Valley flowers which, by the way, are one of the most demanding and challenging flowers to create, has been beautifully executed for me by Lady Elena Bain. Little branches with tiny pink buds came courtesy of French vintage stock as well as silk French veil. :-) Every single guest of my Presentation gasped with excitement at the very first sight of "The Unicorn Queen". :-)


Tracy | Millinery Treasures said...

It takes your breath away Anya. Brava.

VM Creation Atelier said...

Она так нежна, так свежа и легка..... будто бы весенний ветерок с ароматом ландышей!!!
Аня, дорогая!!!
Сколько воздуха и прелестных крошечных деталей удалось Вам создать в этой шляпке!:)))❤️
Это сказка настоящая, со своими эмоциями и историей!:)))
Она- волшебная совершенно!!!