Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Gelsomina" Haute Hat, SS2017 "The Fellini Files Collection. NYFW.

 "Gelsomina" hat has been inspired by Fellini's movie "La Strada"  - one of perhaps most dramatic movies of his career. He later referred to creation of "La Starada" as one of the most painful and torturous processes in his entire cinematic career. I think it is also in part because the leading role, the role of Gelosmina was so brilliantly played by his beloved wife Giulietta Masina. The film portrays a brutish strongman played by Anthony Quinn and the na├»ve young woman played by Giulietta Masina whom he buys from her mother and takes with him on the road - all ends in tragedy. Subsequently, "La Strada"  has become "one of the most influential films ever made", according to the American Film Institute. It won the inaugural Academy Award For Best Foreign Language Film in 1957 and was placed fourth in the 1992 British Film Institute's directors' list of cinema's top 10 films. If you have not have a pleasure of seeing "La Strada" I encourage you to put it on your "to do" list.
 The complex character of poor Gelsomina gave me an incentive of creating an equally complicated hat. Free form, liquid, dark, transperant,  emotional, dramatic: the hat that would look very different from every angel. The hat that would be able easily conceal the face of the woman giving her opportunity to be discreet in her vulnerability.
 The hat demanded a very special, unique kind of flower. Oh no, not just any flower one could find. But the flower (rose) which was as transparent and dramatic as the hat itself. And so I turned to the magnificent Lady Elena Bain  who, once again, was able to see the same vision I had in my mind for "Gelsomina" . On the set of the photo shoot n St.Regis hotel this was the hat that stopped everyone in their tracks. I saw tears in the eyes of my team when "Gelsomina" was first unveiled. It evoked a  deep emotional  response and every person on the set stood in silence for a brief moment transcending the effect of "Gelsomina" on to very personal long forgotten moments in their lives...
Photographed by Ed Hafizov, Model - Anastasia Safonof , Make Up Artists - Roshar. Styled by Anya Caliendo. All rights reserved to "Anya Caliendo. Couture Millinery Atelier".

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"Casanova" Haute Mask, SS2017 "The Fellini Files" Collection. NYFW.

 One of the key pieces form SS2017 "The Fellini Files Collection is the mask/headdress I named "Casanova" inspired by the Fellini's "Casanova" story. "By using a range of visual effects, Fellini attempted to depict Casanova as a debauched figure incapable of displaying any genuine emotion. Fellini’s dislike of the character was well documented, and in one interview he even referred to exposing "the void" of Casanova's life. Consequently, Fellini’s interpretation goes against the traditional notion of Casanova as an enlightened gadabout. The original script was very brutal on the historical figure. It wasn't until Fellini shot the scene of Casanova and the nun that he began to sympathize with Casanova's inability to love, giving him the character of the mechanical doll and the dream ending.".....
Fellini's "Casanova" is one of my favorite movies to date. I have seen more times than I can count and when it came to the attempt to design a headdress inspired by the main character I felt that it has to be done in the form of magnificent mask, slightly grotesque in its shape but possessing a strong presence. It is even more beautiful in person - images unfortunately do not capture the metallic silk effect it has. One of my top favorite pieces to date.
Photographed by Ed Hafizov, Make up by Roshar, Model - Anastasia Safonof. Styling by yours truly. All rights reserved to @AnyaCaliendo .