Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"Casanova" Haute Mask, SS2017 "The Fellini Files" Collection. NYFW.

 One of the key pieces form SS2017 "The Fellini Files Collection is the mask/headdress I named "Casanova" inspired by the Fellini's "Casanova" story. "By using a range of visual effects, Fellini attempted to depict Casanova as a debauched figure incapable of displaying any genuine emotion. Fellini’s dislike of the character was well documented, and in one interview he even referred to exposing "the void" of Casanova's life. Consequently, Fellini’s interpretation goes against the traditional notion of Casanova as an enlightened gadabout. The original script was very brutal on the historical figure. It wasn't until Fellini shot the scene of Casanova and the nun that he began to sympathize with Casanova's inability to love, giving him the character of the mechanical doll and the dream ending.".....
Fellini's "Casanova" is one of my favorite movies to date. I have seen more times than I can count and when it came to the attempt to design a headdress inspired by the main character I felt that it has to be done in the form of magnificent mask, slightly grotesque in its shape but possessing a strong presence. It is even more beautiful in person - images unfortunately do not capture the metallic silk effect it has. One of my top favorite pieces to date.
Photographed by Ed Hafizov, Make up by Roshar, Model - Anastasia Safonof. Styling by yours truly. All rights reserved to @AnyaCaliendo .


Tracy | Millinery Treasures said...

I'm in love Anya...

VM Creation Atelier said...

Your designs are astonishing good, dearest Anya!
And this one is absolutely a wonderful diamond in the croon....:)
Love all in it: your story behind,you passion and oh my goodness!!! How Speechlessly gorgeous all those little, shine details on it!
GORGEOUS masterpiece in your new collection!!!
Much love,