Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Kickstarter Campaign For My New SS2017 The "Fellini Files" Collection.

 Dear Friends, few days ago I launched my first Kickstarter Campaign in hopes to raise funds for the completion and release of my new Collection I titled the "Fellini Files."  2016 has been an extremely challenging year in many respects and instead of trying to word it out here, in my Blog, I invite you to watch the video, read the text and find a place in your heart to support it any way you can. You can see the entire Campaign right HERE. Through this experience  I have been taught several key lessons with one of them being : asking for help when you truly need it does not make you weak. It does not deprive you of dignity or pride. Instead in the end you come to discover how loved you are and how many beautiful, kind, generous hearts surround you. And so from the darkness into the light, I believe with all my heart that everything is possible!